The joy of eating a food is better than taking a very small piece of the food or a very small amount of the bread. No man get satisfied by eating a very small piece of a food. For normal growth and healthy look you need to eat the whole meal, and even after the whole meal you will see no need for the crumb. You can’t continue eating the crumb and expect your life or your body to look good. No! You will not look so normal.

Today, people have left the whole meal and go after the crumb. Have heard  people say I believe in Jesus as a Prophet but I don’t believe He is the Son of God. How can He be the Son of God and then He just died like that on the cross? I hear people say how will God that create all things  just die on the tree and could not save Himself?

So painful, we love the crumb. There was a purpose He came for and if it’s not fulfilled all men are doomed. It begins in Eden when Adam, the first man, disobeyed God, and because the devil knows that God mean His Word, he had to make man to disobey it because God said the day he eat of the fruit He  told him not to, then man will die. This death means:

1. He will die in his Spirit and cut the relationship he use to enjoy away and no wonder he was sent away from the Eden.

2. His  body then begin to respond to the death of his Spirit because he now rules or live after his soul knowledge that’s why you found them sew cloth for themselves when they sinned.

To restore man back to this original life, God hath to wait for the time appointed or the fullness of time. He sent His only begotten Son. Men have given many sacrifices for sin to be forgiven. But to no avail. The only acceptable offering before God was His Son Whom He loved. God kept man those times by some laws, and that helped them to a measure.

Jesus coming was as that of Adam, He has to come like a man, because it was man that sinned against God. It was man that had the sin. And because death had power over any man that sin. Jesus had to come in the body of flesh to take sin in His flesh, it’s because His body could not bear sin, I mean His body now as God. So He had to come in the body of flesh of man. Then, when He was on the cross when He bore all the sins of man on Himself then death was marching towards His  side because any life that has sin death has over it. Death marched towards Him to have Him because He has become sin for man, for which Jesus knew no sin so that all men that have sinned might become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus as they believe in Him. It even pleased the Father to bruise Him. So He became sin. Why He did not save Himself was this, if He did then He wouldn’t have finished the mission, if He did man will forever be doomed. One thing that kept Him on the cross was love. What kept Jesus on the cross when He died was you. He had you in mind that if He didn’t do this, man will forever die and be separated from God even eternally. And it’s not over, He went to the grave, He met death face to face. He destroyed the power of death. He didn’t kill death but He destroyed his power over your life. It’s because there is a time that death will be destroyed. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. But He destroyed the power of death because for that purpose He came!

When He destroyed the power of death, He kill the sting of death over man. Man is free to leave in the presence of God. To come before His throne to worship Him. Then, another crumb people miss is that He never stayed there in the grave, because He was no longer there. He had to finish the work in the Father. After He has pleased the Father, He now sat down at the right hand of God.

One important meal you mustn’t miss is that all He did was for your sake, so that whatever He is to the Father you are also to the Father and any position He  took you take too. It’s because of His death for you on that cross. He’s becoming a man, and a man of sin on the cross gave you entrance into becoming like Him. In fact He has prayed it before the Father. So that you will be one as They are one and be one with Them. So if it’s for your sake, then where He is sited you are too. It’s because all that He did, He never left you out of it. When He died you died. When He rose He took you by the hand.

When he went to the Father He took you along because all was for your sake and when He sat at the right hand of God, He provided you with the same seat He sat(your spirit is sited there because you still here on earth), it’s another thing to believe. Now, He is praying for you daily, every day when you wake He is praying for you. Every time He is praying for you. That’s the meal you missed. Jesus loves you. Give your very life to Him today and leave the lies people told you. Leave the lies you heard. Come to Jesus and He will keep you walking in Him.