You’re not a slave, you’re a son. God has bought you with most precious blood of His son Jesus Christ because of His love towards you. You’re a son and now you can dare to call Him Father.

You’re not an enemy, you’re a friend. Jesus has reconciled you back to the Father by breaking the wall of partition between God and man, and has completely obliterated the enmity between you and God. Now, you can with Confidence come to His throne of Grace to find mercy and grace in times of need.

You’re not rejected, you’re accepted in the beloved. Once, we were alienated but now we are no more gentliles. We are now fellow citizens with the saints and a member of the household of God. You are the Beloved of the Lord. He loves you with an endless love. Yes, He does.

Ensure to have a good week. Let your mind be guarded by this lest the devil beguile and deceive you. God bless you and don’t forget that He loves you.