This morning, God visited me!
With a sharp shining sword dripping with blood
He stood at my doorway,
Bright light beaming from his sides
Flooded my room and set me on ecstasy

I asked to what reason do I owe this visit
He smiled and said to me
“Come and die”
I moved towards him, the love in his eyes,
Kept me moving towards him

Though I feared to die
The sword was pierced into me
And like a woman in labour I screamed
But the love in his eyes kept me going
The sword was like liquid fire

Flowing into me, sinking into my bones, marrows and heart
And I looked down at the ashes on the floor
I saw the beautiful self I had pampered
Lying beside my feet – looking so ugly
Joined together with its members – jealousy, anger
And strife that had eaten me up

As I opened my eyes,
I was staring into His eyeballs
as he removed the sword.
He glowed so differently, so attractive
O how beautiful he looked
I was blinded by “self”
I was too distracted to see his true essence

O how I long for his coming again
So I can see him as I should
“Soul, come and die”,
The groom calls.

Tolu Adekuoroye
Inspired by Sunday’s message