I’ve always wondered what was in the mind of Moses for forty years as he kept the sheep of his father-in-law at the backside of the desert.

For forty years, he was completely cut out of civilization and was left with tendering, feeding and leading animals yet with patience he became the meekest man attested by God Himself.

After growing with ambition for power, wealth, fame, wisdom, knowledge and all a prince could aim for in life for forty years, he now has to learn to unwrite all his ambitions to feed and take care sheep not for himself but for another man.

We can’t fully process and understand what transpired within that forty years of of being a student in the school of the spirit unawares of God’s intention and purposes of training him to become the one to lead Israel out of slavery in Egypt.

One who was trained to be a powerful orator, full of confidence and self-believe now turns into a stammerer, lacking confidence to face the leadership of the country he was once a prince in.

At eighty, who would have thought his life could be useful again to lead a mission “let my people go so they may serve me?” Who would have thought such a man would be the one to lead a race back to God? Who would have thought such a man can design and administer a type of civilization for the people?

God had to cut him off completely from the prevalent and reigning civilization so that he can appreciate His own civilization and teach the people the God’s civilzation by leading them also out of Egypt into the wilderness to learn FAITH, the currency of God’s civilization.

He must have learnt to walk by faith first in the backside of the desert where there is nothing to point to as civility, also laden with lack of defined water source, grasses to graze for the animals, quality formal education for his children, well established society to learn from, no God propelled religious activity to teach him about the God of Israel. In all that he still developed faith, to hear God and believe that truly it was God speaking to him.

One would wonder what his mates would have achieved for the length of time he was supposedly in obscurity when nothing seem to have been heard of him except that he was leading sheep for forty year.

The spiritual journey cannot be explained by physical signs and projections. The journey of faith cannot make sense to the man driven and controlled by the natural senses. They always look like foolishness.

How can you explain Jesus, the savious of himanity yet He doesn’t own anything for Himself, not even a house to live in?

How can you explain Abraham’s claim to the promises of God and its eventual fulfilment when all he ever acquired for himself was the tomb his wife was to be buried?

I want to take time to understand what it means to walk by faith, yet i must realise that my understanding must become unfruitful so as to actually live the life of Faith. Truth is, we must work by faith not by sight.

Faith is bigger than asking and receiving from God, faith is an entire system of living alien from the ways of the world. In the world, seeing is believing, but in the faith world, believing is seeing. Which will you live by?