This topic may look strange but it seems to me that many times I do not believe my prayers. It’s like I just pray because I need to pray. Prayers has been defined in so many ways to us. But I can’t but tell myself that “what is prayer to you?” there is a place of you, or how things are seen by yourself through the knowledge of His word. In the parable of the sower, there is so much blessings in it. The stony side part tells of the man that has not allowed the word to find root in himself. When root is taken away the plant dies.

It was reported of Sarah that through faith Sarah herself receive strength to conceive. So there is a place of yourself. I tend not to forget Jacob when the Bible said he was alone. Yes, we need the brethren and there are couple of things that can be achieved with the people of God. Just to help you, what’s the place of being alone with you? We can stay in gathering and feel the anointing in the place. But what’s the place of you being alone with God.

It can not be denied that we are praying but the actions that follows is very important. Did you believed your prayers? Though this may be some few reasons we are not seeing results. Ask yourself again do you really believe your prayers. How is the word of God with you? What’s your action towards the word? If it is written that the word of God is settled then why are we not settling our heart with the settled word.
Psalms  119:89  For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.

Why then do we still worry? If we actually believe our prayers we will rather stay in thanksgiving then stay in doubt of how He will do it. We worry alot as though we know how to answer prayers. If we know how to answer our own prayers we shouldn’t have prayed. The reason I feel we pray is because we have not help of ourselves but our help is in God. We just rely on Him. But how do you feel when you want to help someone out or someone said you should please help him out and then you found out he is helping himself and never allowed you to help him?

You will feel maybe he shouldn’t have called you for help because you may feel not so useful. Many times that’s how we do with God. I’m challenged that we have been cultured that when we are sick the first thing we think is not prayer or going to church but first to General and Private Hospital, yet we claim prayers is powerful. We even do it to a point and say “after some minutes if he is not improving let’s take  him to the hospital” We always lost faith for fear. We are so sense ruled than Spirit ruled.

If prayer is powerful as we agreed then by faith we should trust God in prayers for all things yet we believe we must always be wise and let’s use wisdom. Maybe you should ask yourself what is wisdom? How do you judge wisdom? It’s important we believe our prayers, it’s important we believe the word of God till death! You don’t measure wisdom by worldly system they have their own principles and guides. We are only to be the word of God ruled. Today when you pray, believe the word and hold on to the settled word of God.

God still answers prayers. Patience may be demanded and there are times God may wear you out of patience to stretch you so that it can have a perfect work in you. Believe your prayers. God hears prayers. God answered before you call and while you are speaking He hears, this must be your confidence.