Motivational speakers and circular scholars have said, “your value is determined by your geographical location”. They said, “the value of your allocation is determined by your location.”

I boldly decline to this thought as this negates scriptural understanding. John was in the wilderness yet Jerusalem went to him. The best of educated people went to a man that never had both formal and informal education. People who are well dressed sought to have appointment with one who doesn’t even wear good clothing. He never had a luxury life, never did a miracle, never had anything man could desire, cannot even afford to eat correct food, yet Jesus described him as the greatest of all men born of a woman.

Your value is not a product of your location or your packaging, you as valuable as God defines you to be. Jesus never had anything yet He commandeered everything. He was always moving around without a stable place, yet everything moves with Him and all responds to His call.

The value of your life is determined by how much you value God. If you want more value for your life, place more value on God and His word. And your allocation is a product of how much you’ve given yourself to His word in faith.