Speaker 3: Pastor Ken

Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministries – EGFM

God has been so good to us. We’ve seen journeys in the Spirit,  and we’ve seen ability of moving from one level to another. We have seen so much energy of the Spirit accompanying God’s word.

We are seeing God’s baptisms to follow the life that God has ordained for us at this time. God is expressly speaking to us: there’s a clear cut marking out of how God’s people will be judged, and of how God’s people can set their eyes on that which God has ordained. That is our heritage – we are a blessed people.

Proverbs 24:3-5
“[3] Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: [4] And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. [5] A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.”

Toward the end of last year, God began to lead me to pray a lot more for understanding. I saw in my heart that when we say “faith”, it means to believe. The simplest form is to agree, but because of what God wants to do with us, it takes more than just agreeing. God has to bring you to a place where your heart can partake of that which is of Him. It’s not just a mental agreement: we need to understand that resources and energies of God are at stake. We will receive them as we harness them in Jesus name.

Proverbs  24:4-6
“[4] And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. [5] A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength. [6] For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety”.

In the New Testament, we have the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, who holds and leads us into God’s things. By them, we can see the image of a destination. When a natural promise is given about physical resources, it’s easy to believe such promises because they’re tangible; but we’re coming to a place where hearts would also see the tangibility of spiritual resources, even as the promises of these resources are being given to us.

Ephesians  2:7 
“That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus”.

Paul talked about the riches of Grace in Christ Jesus, and these riches truly define eternal life. Eternal life means that we are harnessing the riches that are in God – that’s what tells our progression. God is Eternal Life: He is the immortality that dwells in Light; He is also Love. 

The journey into immortality that God has called us into is a journey into the great journeys of God’s life. The endlessness that are in God are the expanse of God’s life .

There’s a wisdom of God made available for us to access the very depths of God. The things of God can be stored in measurements of life. They come as energy storage, so if you don’t understand it, it will become something new. Every revelation that comes is laid up. Riches and honour are the resources that define God. Eternal life speaks about great riches and treasures.

Every activity of God that has taken us through places has been a build-up. God is increasing the energy of His life. God is bringing us to the place of the life of the faith of the Son, and the faith of the Son is a clear way to access the things in God.

Understanding is the wellspring of life. We need to begin to see that life is at stake. It’s not just about praying, nor about living with sin consciousness, God wants to see more people that will be exactly like Him. This is the same provision that God is using to lead us from one sphere to another.

When God is talking to us about love, God is saying, “I can give man all that I am; man can truly be the way I am”. God is also saying, “I can take man from being dust to look beyond what is visible, to a place where man can understand”. That understanding is from where we live and function. God wants to drive man to where His reality is, and to that which is present in Him (God).

God has sworn, and because of immortality, He wants to take us to a place where we will be able to take more and all of Him. As the energies of God become understanding, understanding becomes a build-up of God’s life. Eternal life cannot be fully utilized where there’s no understanding. We must through understanding position our hearts to take the energies of God, because God wants to increase our capacity to retain life.

When people learn and forget, it’s because understanding is absent. Understanding brings us to the place of keeping, handling, and strength. The understanding which comes as a result of God’s energies is tangible; not because you can explain them, but because they come with the reality of God. What God is saying is that a people can be  raised who will journey further in understanding, live His life, and resonate at the same frequency with Him.

God is talking to us about love; He is destroying the natural, and the mortal definition of love. He is teaching us the eternal, unending, and immortal parameters of love. The reason God is dealing with us on faith is to bring us to love. Faith is the place of training where you lay hold on the reality of God, and to take you into all that God has.

We must know that love isn’t just saying “I love my brother”; rather, it’s having a serious sense of brotherhood and fellowship.

God is saying that He can make us loose every sense of being man – we can become divine. People will wonder if you’re human, No! You’re not. The arrows that define eternal life are beyond what we know, God is bringing us into understanding which will make us harness all of Him. 

In this new year, we should hold life via the vehicle of understanding. Hold and keep life so that you can abide. He has said it that He wants us to abide so that we’ll not be ashamed when He comes, we therefore should harness all He gives us. God is saying, “Immortality is the state I have open to you, and for you to come into.”

Let’s ask God for help to understand the knowledge of the Holy –  to understand God’s life, and to set our hearts right to understand.                           

Pastor Moses concluding:

What I see the Lord doing is that He is enlarging our capacity. He is entrenching in us depth; the Lord is deep and we can’t continue to be natural and shallow. We need to engage. God is releasing to us strength and depth so that we can carry all of God; and for us not to remain the same.

** The end **