Well, for reasons apparent, let me share this with you.

What and who you give our attention to, you will eventually become. During the year ending, we gave our attention to many things most of which were not really very pivotal to our life hence we didn’t experience the fullness of life as God would desire it. As you give thanks to God for the year ending and prepare to enter into a new one, it’s best to resolve in your heart that you’ll give undeterred and unrestricted attention to the things that are important, necessary and germaine to your growth and development, God being at the VERY CENTRE of them all.

The world we live in is laden with so many distractions, so many information overload. They throw at us information/activities even when they are not needed for our lives. The media especially is full of kinks and all manners of enticing lawlessness are daily thrown at us. We therefore must pre-determine not to continue the trend that saw us become under achievers in the year ending, and push for greater and better achievements next year.

Don’t just use God to achieve your aims and objectives, let God be the decider of what transpire in your life. Let God be the driver of your life.

Many times we read information without actually comprehending them. We spend more time gusting than we spend studying. And I perceive in the year coming, people who have gained God in their private and personal study will be distinct. They will be insulated from the coming flood of deception.

Fellowship is the coming together of people who are like minded and desire almost the same thing. It is easy to spot when one is erring. So, in fellowship, we help ourselves to grow and to be better in life. Isolation is the number one best killer. Whilst you are advised to be uniquely different, please don’t isolate yourselves from proper counsel and advice. One may easily see without correction.

Your life absolutely depends on prayers. Prayers in a way of invoking a higher divine power/energy to release help for things you can or can’t naturally do. Learn to pray more than you prey. Learn to pray more than you whine. Many spend a lot of time talking, complaining or even whining than they spend praying. Invoke the hand of God to release grace and mercy to you, hence pray more.

In the year coming, don’t be ungrateful. Appreciate God for all He’s done, doing and will do. Appreciate the simplest miracles of life, appreciate the gifts from people. Give yourself to a life a continuous appreciation and thanksgiving. You may not experience absolute joy except you give yourself deliberately to giving of thanks.

One major concern is people’s sensitivity to their lives and environs. People just live without being careful to know what’s happening around them. They are unconcerned with what’s happening in their lives and seems equally unconcerned with what’s happening in their environment and so they become victims of happenstance. Be more careful as to become very sensitive to what’s happening around you and especially in your life. Be alert always and that doesn’t mean being suspicious but truly being vigilant and discerning to know and note event in your life and around you.

Grace is God’s given ability to do things without exerting too much human effort. Pray for the grace of God over your life, your work or endeavors, your family and all that concerns you. Grace is God’s endorsement and acceptance of you even when you didn’t deserve it. So, push for more grace. Grow in grace.
Mercy is God’s resolve to show you favour even when you were not due for it. Mercy is an extension of God’s love for. In love, all things are provided for your good.
And finally, let your life be guards by and in peace. Let the peace of God that surpasses understanding keep your heart in proper alignment so that you will not be unnecessarily troubled. Release yourself to Grace, Mercy and Peace.

Have a blessed New year.
Oliyide Ayotunde.©®