I saw my friends jumping
And I desired so much just a jump
But He warned me never to jump
Yet, I chose to jump.

Having taken a leap
A leap of faith I supposed
Soon found out a leap of death it was,
Yet, He came to rescue me from death.

I jumped and got myself injured
He cared so much for me and healed me
I kind of enjoyed His care,
So I desired another jump.

In compassion He warns me of eventual death
Should I take the leap of death again and again
My curiosity was not fully and duly quenched
Yet, I’d love to take the leap of death one more time.

It’s not just another side of the road
It’s an endless journey into eternal captivity
How I wished I heeded to His gentle plea
Obedience is better than sacrifice He would say.

Mercy called and calls me
Grace upon grace He provided
Salvation was His intent for me
He desired me to dwell in absolute safety.

Now I look at my many scars
Scars of disobedience I’m reminded
Can anything make me clean as I was before the jump?
Nothing save the blood of the lamb.

Now I know the leap is dangerous

However enticing the jump may be
I will yield totally to His plea,
Never again will I take a leap into death.

Christ paid it all
Yet He warns of the danger thereof
Never to play with sin and death
It burns like a fire under the cloth.

Oliyide Ayotunde.©®