Jesus could have had a normal life.
He could have grown with earthly ambitions like a normal child.
He could have loved a lady and started a family.
Yet, He chose the death of the cross, the abnormal death He chose.

For every step He took, You were in His mind.
He lived not for Himself, a good carpenter He would have become.
Rich and affluent, popular and loving, tall and handsome.
All He forsook to die, the death on the cross.

Growing up was normal, His birth was too simple a saviour’s worth.
Death marred His birth, controversial His conception to man’s thought.
Beaten and battered by the ones He’s to save,
Compassionate as ever, He went the way of the cross.

Today, He is proposed to be King.
Tomorrow, they called for His crucifixion.
In faith He chose to go,
Not minding whether you will appreciate His death on the cross.

Years down the line, you and I still despise Him.
We make laws against Him, our lives shows we hate Him.
In His compassion, He waits for us to repent.
In faith, waiting to bring us back to the Father.

Jesus paid it all, the sins of the world.
Jesus paid it all, the penalty of sin.
Death is defeated, Jesus’ blood is enough.
Victory at last, our Lord has risen from death!

When He died, we died with Him, dead to sin if we believe.
Now that He lives, we live with Him, alive to newness of life.
What a life we have in Jesus, the only way to the Father.
He’s the way, the truth and the life.

He could have chosen the normal life.
He could have chosen to grow old.
He could have become a wealthy professional.
But He chose YOU AND I, His life a gift for eternal life.