When I’m hungry, He is hungry.
When I’m lonely, He is lonely.
When I’m tired, He is tired.
When I’m thirsty, He sure is thirsty.

When life hits me hard, he feel exactly the same.
When sickness scares me to death, with me He feels the brunt.
When disappointment stares at me, He feels real real unhappy.
When I feel like turning back, He’s there to encourage me still.

He’s my Lord and Saviour, yet He feels my infirmities too.
He knows how I feel, and proffers a solution and comforts me.
He has never left me to suffer it alone, He carries the burden with me.
He has never thought of forsaking me, however hard life seem to be.

I’m happy I have a Saviour and Lord
He’s name is Jesus Christ.
Always there with me and for me.
No wonder His name is Emmanuel, God with ME!.