It seems to me that God hears our prayers more than once, before we pray and while we are praying. I’m concentrating my full attention on God hearing us and God answering us. See 1Peter 3:12, 1John 5:14 and Psalm 65:2 even as we pray with the understanding of His word. See this scripture below. “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” (Isaiah 65:24). You see the place of answering and hearing been fixed together. But look carefully to that word, while praying with the understanding of this word, it dropped in my heart that why shouldn’t we have confidence in the place of prayer? God hears us before praying, how did He see our request? God sees the heart, the wore of 6 is the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart and God is the Word, because in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word is God.

So you see God sees your heart, one of the means we speak is through the heart without it been audible, then another one is the mouth where is audible. You remember Hannah’s prayers. Even when Lucifer fell, all the desires where spoken through his heart Isaiah 14:13. Thats to point to you again that God discerns your thoughts. And His word says everything are naked before Him in whom we have to do. So your thoughts are naked before Him. I perceive God is bringing the church back to the place of prayers, maybe alot of us has given up on prayer that “that thing, it does not work jare!” but if through prayers Joshua uttered the course of nature and Elijah stopped rain from three years and six month then prayers works (think of that for some seconds) If Daniel had confidence in the place of prayers that even when he heard they should not pray to any God yet went ahead and prayed, then his confidence must be stronger than the words he heard! If the Apostles wrought great things in the place of prayers and thanksgiving that broke chains and gates and angels took Peter through streets, if when the Apostles prayed and everywhere was shaken and the Holy Ghost came then prayers works. By the mouth of two of three witnesses a word is made established, the truth is by His word, He hears, do you notice the prayer of saints, your prayers are incense before Him? Because you prayed with the understanding of His word, His word is His will! Kai! God bring us back to our secret place of prayerand intercessions and supplications, where we will indeed pray and leave with a confidence that have prayed and God heard me, thats all! Kai! See, forget! God answers prayers swiftly, God is not slow. We should come to Him always dancing and rejoicing while we prepare our minds to pray, because He will hear us as we decide to pray His will, His word. Every prayers prayed with the understanding of His Word will be answered swiftly! He promised to answer. God can not lie Titus 1:2, there is no shadow of turning with Him. Shadow tells about the real image, so if His shadow will not turn then it means He has not turned! He is not a respecter of persons! He is the same in the Old Testament and He is the same in the New Testament. He is the same yesterday, and the same today and the same forever. Your prayers are always heard. God hears prayers, pray His word and pray His will and receive your answers, thanking the Lord!