Jesus didn’t consider the size of the fig tree, nor did He consider the years of its existence to speak against it
Jesus never bordered about the rage of the sea when He commanded peace into it.
Jesus didn’t consider the years the man beside the pool of Bethsaida have been sick when He commanded him to stand and walk.
Jesus never considered that the man was born blind and the difficulty of creating another one before He did the miracle.
Jesus didn’t consider the stinking dead perishing body of Lazarus before He commanded him to come out of the dead.
Jesus didn’t border about the numbers of the people and the minute food available before He commanded the blessing of multiplication.
Jesus never considered the situation, He simply pronounced the solution.

Why do you consider the size of the mountain and the seeming impossibility of influencing a solution?
Why do you believe the reports of sciences through the doctors more than the power of Jesus?
With God, nothing shall be impossible and
To them that believes, all things are possible.

Just believe.
Pronounce and command the solution,
Stop talking the problems,
Speak Faith, not fear.