Each day affords us a unique opportunity.
An opportunity to start afresh and with a clean slate.
As important or worst as your past may be,
It can only be an history to tell in the unfolding story of today.

The mercies of the Lord are new every morning.
Offering us an opportunity to draw from the well of grace.
Your yesterday may be as red as the scarlet,
Today and the future can be rewritten, as white as snow.

Jesus is not just a solution prepared for tomorrow,
He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
To wipe our worst moments away with a night,
For joy must definitely come in the morning.

Rather than ruin today with the pains of yesterday.
Bask in the euphoria of the newness of today’s opportunity to start all over.
Prepare for a better tomorrow with Christ in sight,
For Christ in us is the Hope of Glory.

Attend a church service today with a graceful heart,
With boldness, come to the throne of Grace,
Where Mercy is always available to be obtained.
And Grace always available in our times of need.

God bless you.