A time is coming soon when our churches will be empty and people will prefer to join the worship online from the comfort of their rooms….

Is it an advancement or the process to the fall away?

The concept of the E-Church and E-Pastor will be strongly introduced and we will have many E-members.

Monitoring, supervision oversight, responsibility and accountability will be lost whilst the church may assume a larger reach of a seeming larger crowd.

It will be the beginning of the collapse of the structured church and structured doctrinal principles.

Virtual activities will take over all real activities and the church will be another radio station, members can tune to any once not satisfied with what the other pastor is saying.

Faith will be crippled and love diminished. Real feelings or natural affection will be out of the people as you can be washing plates while worship is going on.

There will be more money but more problems as regulations will be built to check and control transmission thereby leading to the caging of the church.

A man or a woman can be in the wrong place committing funny and crazy acts while he or she is listening to the so called e-pastor.

The church will make more money from adverts from corporate entries who will compel the pastor to do their biddings. And,

And so, the end of times to the end of the world will begin…..
#thedaytechnologytakesoverthechurch. #myinsighttowardstechnologyandthechurch.

Will Jesus find you in the Faith?