When I think of all He has done,
I will but shout Hallelujah!

And when I think of all I have done,
I end up asking for mercy.

He is faithful and just,
He’s teaching to be faithful and Just.

He is perfect in Holiness.
He needs to keep teaching me holiness unto perfection.

When He looks at me,
He sees my end from the beginning.

When I look at Him,
I can only pray to get to the end He sees.

When He speaks of me,
He speaks of what I will look like if I follow till the end.

At times, I think His perception about me is vague,
But in faith, I believe His words over me are true and sure.

He is righteousness, that’s why He leads me of the path.
He is eternal life, that’s why He’s given me His life.

I will worship and adore Him forever,
His name is Jesus, the Son of God.