The Father’s love is so amazing, no man can fully explain it.
The Father’s love is so encompassing, no man can fully comprehend it.
In Love with the sinner, even when sin He abhors.
In love with a failing man, redemption the option on His mind.

The Son was willing to come, to reconcile man back to the Father.
The Son becomes the payment for our ransom, bringing man out of condemnation.
He so loved the world, that His life became less important to the will of the Father.
He so loved you and I, that He abased Himself as man to redeem man back to God.

The Holy Spirit was given to us, a comforter and a teacher He is.
The Holy Spirit came to glorify the Son, that we may know Him the more.
Teaching us day by day, that He may guide and lead us into all truth.
And as many as are led by the Spirit, the sons of God they become.

Therefore, I will hold on to the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Wrap up myself in the Love of God, and
Continue in the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
Until Christ is fully formed in me.

Good day. God bless you.