The Conversation!

I know I am not perfect, must I then continue in my imperfections?
I know I am not the best I can be, must i then continue in my worst state?
I know I have some fault, do I continue to show myself faulty?
I know I am sinner, does it mean I can continue in sin?

Once you know, then take a step in changing the present predicament.
You may not be strong enough to effect a change, that’s why you need Jesus.
He knows you can’t do it all by yourself, that’s why He’s offering a helping hand.
If only you can trust Him with all of you, then He will give you all of Himself.

I know Jesus, yet my life is in disarray.
I have been born again, yet I still struggle with sin.
I have received Jesus into my life, yet my imperfections still recur.
I even teach the word, yet I struggle with secret sins.
What do I do?

Would you be surprised if I say again that Jesus is the answer still?
Don’t be. In all situations and circumstances, Jesus is the perfect answer.
He knows you’re suffering with a vice, an attitude, a fault, a secret sin.
Yet He is willing to help you attain salvation.
He beckons on you not to run away from Him, but to run towards Him.
His sacrifice did not only save the sinner but all who still lives in sin.
And that is why He said, My Grace is sufficient for you.
Just trust Him and confess to Him your weaknesses and secret fault.
He will come and save you.

Did you say I should confess?
To who? My pastor, spouse, government, brother, sister or who?
They will laugh at me and ridicule me.
They will stigmatize me.

No, not to persons but to God Himself.
Man may forgive and not forget, but God forgives, forgets and even helps you out of that situation.
He will never stigmatize you and will not hold your past sins against you.
He will give you a clean slate again and  will lead you on the path of righteousness.

How will I overcome the guilt and consequences of my sins?
How will I be free totally from the mess I have created?
How will I know that God is happy with me again?
Will I gain the kingdom of heaven?

Yes, in as much as you have repented of your evil way and asked God for help, He has forgiven you and written you name in the book of life.
He said, you will not remember the sins of your youth (past) and that there is no more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, who afterwards walk by the leading of the Spirit and not according to the lust of the flesh.
And He said, He who the Son has set free is free indeed.
Hallelujah! You are free.

Free from what? How?

Free from the hold of sin and death.
Free from the sentence of guilt through death.
Free to approach God in boldness
For the law of the Spirit of life has made us free from the law of sin and death.
So rejoice in the Lord now and forever more.