On my way back from Magodo (a place located in Lagos, Nigeria), I boarded a Keke Napep (a means of transport) with a young girl who was apparently writing General Certificate Examination (GCE), I listened to her conversation with another friend, a guy I guess who promised to pray for her but the lady turned down the offer in total rejection claiming, she doesn’t need his prayers.

As the journey went on, I asked her why she rejected the offer and advised her not to reject prayers. I went on to ask her some other questions and continued a conversation with her. We got to the final stop and both alighted the keke, going our various ways. While she was going, I noticed her mobile phone wasn’t well kept. I didn’t say anything but watched her closely. I noticed a guy walking behind her and saw that he wanted to remove the phone. I didn’t hesitate, I jumped at the bag and saved the lady’s phone and money from being stolen. The guy looked at me with so much disdain but I didn’t care. I just hopped into the next available bus to save myself from being attacked too since I was carrying phones and money.

Then I realised God had used me to save the young girl from such loss. If I had not engaged her in conversation, I might not have helped her. I concluded that God is wiser than man. He brings many people our way so we might save them from imminent danger but we are either too preoccupied with ourselves or we are too reserved to even start a conversation and like that many people perish. We even condemn them because they reject what we seem to love and offer but in love undefiled, we could save them. I learnt some lessons.