Genesis 1:3, 31 “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

Often times, after each creation day and process, God usually goes back to assess what He has created and in almost all the time, it was good. All the things that God made came out good and maintained their good nature until the fall of man, the pivot upon which all creation stood.

Man was created with a unique assignment, that is to have DOMINION over all things made including the air and the sea, land being the place of administration. Man was to be the deciding principle from which other things was to find their course. Man was to be the controlling force that determines how other things must exist, operate and live. Man was to determine what would live and what wouldn’t live as he was placed on earth to have dominion, and exercise authority over all, hence, all other things created was subject to man.

When God formed man and gave him the breathe of life, making him a living soul, he was created good and found to be good. The word good isn’t just a term that means “looks attractive or without fault”, it also means perfectly suited for the assignment or to be of high and faultless quality. God made man good and placed him in charge of the earth to tender it. To Tender means to maintain its quality, to prevent it from growing in the wrong direction. Man was not just to tender the garden but was also saddled with the responsibility of tendering all the creations in his dominion.

So, you were created good, without fault and without blemish. But our father, Adam allowed corruption to enter. Subjected himself and the entire race of man to death thereby sin and death took over every thing and man became subject to the law of sin and death. Until Christ came to take us out of the dominion of sin and death, man couldn’t fight and live above the live of sin and death, hence when man died, all other creation died.

Unfortunately, man is still dying and all other created things are perishing but God had sent His only begotten son as a ransom for man, to stop man from perishing such that if any man believes, he would be restored to life, then gain an higher quality of life called eternal life rater than perish. There is only one reward for sin, it is death. But the reward of God to man is life eternal.

The solution to recovery of man’s dominion was given to us in Christ Jesus. Jesus demonstrated that through many infallible proofs. On one occasion, he walked upon water and commanded one of his disciples to also walk on water. On another instance, while sleeping in the boat as they voyage to another city, storm arose and he was woken, he simply spoke to the wind to be calm and it was so, and everybody wondered what a man he was. At many other times, he did miracles that were unbelievable but none of this was as important as the last thing he did, He gave His life up so you and I can come back to life in God. On the third day of His death, He rose back to life defeating in absolute finality the power of sin and death. He conquered grave and the power of hell. And He handed all powers and authorities that He Had acquired to us, even the power in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth. What a glorious restoration!

Truth is God created you good, the devil turned you evil but Christ has restored you back to life even far above the normal natural quality. He has made us God’s workstation created in Christ Jesus unto good works. And He reminds us that if any man be in Christ Jesus, he is a new creature (a new type of being) because old things have past away and all things have become new. And when God looks at you again, He says and will say, “you are very good.” That’s who you are. God bless you. Have a blessed day.