I’m not writing this to justify wrong act or any life of sin. The intent of this is to express the amazing but dangerous silence of God towards sinners, and His patience in mercy to save them.

I was wondering what organisation, private or public will allow a worker to continue his work in the event of making costly mistakes whether personal or general.

I was wondering what parent would allow the child go unpunished for willfully or ignorantly committed errors to the disrepute of the family name.

I was wondering which constituted authority will permit intentional or unintentional sabotage against the development of the country, state or its administration.

I was wondering if we have such patience to condone the errors or mistakes people make against us without immediately or eventually calling them to proper order or even outrightly axe them.

I was wondering how accommodating we may be to people who publicly or privately speak against us and are sworn enemies of ours.

Yet, when I look at God in His seeming silence towards sinners and those who rise up against Him in words, actions, legislations and so on, I wonder what kind of God He is.

He doesn’t condone sin, yet He seems not to be too harsh on defaulters.

He is so silent to the point that people say He doesn’t exist and they challenge Him to His existence, yet in His wisdom, He continues to veil Himself yet willing to reveal Himself those who have faith.

I was wondering what I will do to anyone I see destroying my house, yet He watches in seeming silence the act of terror of people in destroying and casting disdain on His person.

There is only one conclusion, which in itself is not conclusive. God is merciful and His mercy endures forever. He once described Himself as slow to anger, yet in all He is terrible and dangerous in His ways. He is Just and all about Him is justice. He does terrible things in righteousness.

I was wondering why He keeps silent at an act of indiscretion and still goes ahead to speak to the actor as though nothing is wrong.

Then I figure out that He is not just merciful, He is compassionate. He is love. His love is bigger than hate/death. He has issued judgement already, yet He eagerly awaits the sinner to come to repentance.

I can now conclusively say, He is full of Grace though Grace is not a licence to sin, yet this Grace is much more encompassing than any life of sin.

Then, one must be wise, to depart from iniquity and hold on to righteousness. Many have failed, yet God has not failed in showing us love

This then is wisdom, depart from the life of sin before it sinks you. Hold on to God’s Grace, Love and mercy. This is the ultimate salvation plan of God for all.