Shepherd of Israel, we bless Your name. Thank You for the washing of the water by the word. Thank You for coming, for every attempt of man to come to You has been a failure, for if You don’t come, we can’t see You. Come in Your appearing, for Your appearing is continuous until we behold You and we are completely changed. Shine forth.

We wait to become Your habitation, shine forth! Shepherd of Israel, we are the true Israel. You who dwell in the midst of the cherubs, shine in Your bright glory. Shine! Son of God, You are the brightness of the image of God. No glory is compared to Your glory. Shine! shine!! O Lord, shine!!! Son of God, You are the brightness of His image, You are the exact image of Him. You are the only one who can describe the Father, for no one has seen the Father except the only begotten, who dwells in the bosom of the Father.

I want to bless God for the blessedness of sight. We have celebrated the hand of God before. He has been marvelous to men in His act, but the glory is not in His acts. The real glory is in His ways. That’s His lifestyle and that is what we need to see, and we thank God, for that is what God is opening our eyes to see in this meeting.

It is not about revelations. Of course we cannot do without revelations, because the words written to us are not the letters. Moses got the letters written directly from the realm of the spirit, therefore, our cerebral configuration cannot fathom it; we need mercy. The mercy we have received is the opening of our eyes. What the generations before us had not seen, we are freely seeing, not of our own works, because righteous men before us have desired to look into it but they were not given.

The eyes and the heart would bring understanding, and when the heart understands, there would be conversion. The mercy we have received is bringing healing to us; they are opening our eyes.

The enemy came from the outside and located us through the flesh into our soul. Our spirit was separated from God, it was not part of the transaction. But when Christ came back, because God cannot come from the flesh, He came through our spirit. That is why the work in our spirit is instantaneous, but to undo the works of Satan, God has to activate the senses of the soul; the eyes and the ears.

The speakings of God was summarized in two statements; in the past, He spoke through prophets and in our days, He speaks through His Son. The prophets are the climax of the external workings of God. Grace has been from the beginning, the first man that was described as righteous was by grace. Noah also found grace in God’s sight. What the Law of Moses was actually showing them was that they were dead – they died when Adam and Eve took of the fruit in the garden. Satan told them in Eden that they wouldn’t die but they did actually died even though it was not a death in the physical that God was talking about.

God was therefore, through the law, showing them that they really died. The speakings of God in the old times was to reveal the state of man to man – that man was actually dead, but the speakings of God in these days is through the Son. God is not speaking through prophets again, He is speaking through sons. The fivefold we have now are products of sonship. When the Son arose, He gave gifts to men – the fivefold.

The meaning of sonship is “birth”. All that God is calling us to now is birth. Nicodemus asked, do I enter my mother’s womb again? Jesus said, enter the womb of the Spirit, because in the womb of the Spirit are waters. When we are in the waters, we would be changing. This is the process of our everlasting redemption. The work is “STAY IN THE WATER”. Just as a baby surrounded by the amniotic fluid, eats, urinates and lives in it, so also do we have to stay in the water of the Spirit. As the baby stays in the water, there is metamorphosis.

The water contains all that the baby needs and it changes the baby. It is not every word we have to say, sometimes, in order not to truncate the move of the Lord, we are expected to keep such words and allow them change us; that is the real declaration.

Tongues and interpretation

“You have cast your seed even in the place of many waters, for the giving of My word and the coming of My word is the coming of many waters, and the waters in which you have cast your seed into would begin to yield. Just as I asked Peter to cast the net, you have cast your seed on the right side, and you will enclose multitude of fishes. They would come in different ways; in the healing of your body, marriage, finances. You would begin to pull to your boat multitude of fishes. I would touch every aspect of your life, for you have cast your seed unto the right side”

I hear the Lord saying concerning London, I would turn the hearts of My people that have given themselves to the nature of shrewdness, even in the place of giving. Yes, they would give willingly even as the light shines into their midst. Do not worry about the present situation, I am touching the hearts of My people over there and henceforth, that restriction is broken. Not only would they give their finances, they would give their hearts. Their hearts would go first, and their finances would also follow.