Charge: Rev. Olagundoye

Soon, there will be a time when the cage will be thrown open and there will be a release in the atmosphere with satan finding himself on the backfoot. Killing Jesus was his greatest undoing. When Jesus gave up the ghost, hell rejoiced. They thought they had gotten him, but thank God for His hidden wisdom. I am so happy because God is doing a work, like we have heard in the course of this meeting, and it is an internal work.

This morning on my bed, I had an experience. It was a heavenly encounter in which my eyes were opened to see blood all around. We were worshipping and everywhere was filled with blood. I asked, what is this? Then I was made to know that a work was going on; the work of sifting away those mundane things that have held us back, trying to stop the work of God, and I want to thank God that the work is continuing.

The moment I awoke this evening, I heard the word, “preparation!” in my spirit. God is preparing you to prepare the way of the Lord. You cannot handle certain things until you are prepared for them. It is a blessing that God brought us here to champion the move of the Lord. He brought us from Abuja, from different places in and out of Nigeria .

Since I came in on Monday, I had been telling myself, “see what I would have missed”. There is something that God is about to do, and there must be adequate preparation for it. When the fulness of God is about to come, there must be an emergence. By that time, every bit of darkness would have been removed so that when you stand, you will be standing as a son.

I want to beg every one of us, you are not the same person that came in. There are certain things you will want to do, but you will realise that you just cannot do them again because your taste bud has changed. Let us get set, because God is downloading something crucial today.
I want to tell you that ninety percent of what you have heard in this Convention have not become life to you. When you get back, you have to digest them over and over again, and before you know it, you will reąlise that you have become just like the Father.

Sis Elfrida

Father I worship you, I thank you for your mercy, I thank you for what you are doing. You are revealing your beauty and you are making us to fall in love with you. Jesus, you are taking my heart away.

I love You Jesus, I love You Jesus…

Put Your name within my soul, write Your laws upon my heart, I want to be called by Your name

I want to be known as Your own,
I belong to You and You belong to me Lord,
I want to be called Your own

I want to be Your wife, I want to be Your bride.
There is a reason why we are here on earth, we are here to marry Jesus,
He is the husband of my soul,
You are the husband of my soul, I want to be known by Your name

Jesus we love Your name, Your name is Joy,
Your name is our righteousness,
Your name is our honour,
Your name is our glory,
We want to marry You,
Jesus, I am addicted to You, Jesus, I am attracted to You,
I find You irresistible,
I can’t resist the love in Your eyes

Put Your name within my soul, write Your laws upon my heart, I want to be called by Your name

I want to be called by Your name, I want to be called by Your name…

CALL: Jesus You are beautiful.
RESPONSE: Jesus You are beautiful.

CALL: You are irresistible.
RESPONSE: You are irresistible

*** People resist Jesus because they have never seen Him. No man is as beautiful as our husband. He is more beautiful than the angels. The Father looked at Him and instructed the angels to bow and worship Him, because He is WHOLE.

He is the brightness of the glory of the Father, the express image of His person, Jesus is the WHOLE GOD. Come and capture my heart again. I need Your wine. I want to be drunk in You. Some people look at us and they think we have no ambition, but they are wrong. We have an ambition, a profession. Our profession is Jesus. Is it easy to be a high priest? To sit on the throne of the Father? That place is heavy. You can’t sit in the throne except you are like the Father, but somebody is on the throne***

Somebody is on the throne. His name is Adonai
Somebody on the throne. His name is Adonai.

Can a man sit on the throne? Can a man sit on thunder, lightning, rainbow? But there is one Man; He is capable, He is competent, He is powerful. His name is Adonai.
The throne of the Father is the Father. You can’t sit there. You’ll be thrown away.

You will rule, you will rule, you will rule in the midst of your enemies.

Jesus King of kings
Jesus Lord of Lords
Come and reign
Come and reign.

Let Your kingdom come
Let Your will be done
Come and reign
Come and reign.

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the  glory of  the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.
As the waters cover the sea.

Tongues and Interpretation:

“I am in your midst to unveil my glory and my power. For You have received from My Father excellent glory and excellent power, glory that had not been witnessed before. I will unveil my glory which I have received from My Father. You will sing my praise. I will show you my glory. I would unveil even my glory to you. As you behold, you will be changed. That which is above for change is the revealed glory. That which is able to bring man to that place of excellence, is that which is excellent. I am bringing that which is excellent, and by that you will be changed even to my glory and my honour”.