Believers’ Convention 2015

Day 5 (Thursday, 20th August, 2015)

Morning Session

Exhortation: Pastor Bola Bello

I had a revelation of people drinking from a fountain similar to one in my village. The purity of the fountain determines how the people that drink from it look and behave. The interpretation I have of this is: if there is a fountain that comes from the throne of God, it is the purity of that fountain that changes us into sons.

There was something the angel was telling John in the book of Revelations- a fellow servant who had the same assignment. The angel was a representative of heaven while John was representing earth. There was a similarity of identity.
It is expedient for us to live among brethren as though we are not of this earth. We will come to a place where the earth will know that heaven has been brought to us. He is building us up with the intent that heaven must be pleased with the earth.

Speaker 1: Pastor Ernest Paul.

A lot of work has gone on since this meeting started. What God is doing is so beautiful. I am passionate about this order in the Spirit; about the spiritual potential of the work of the Spirit.

Whenever a generation sets to obey God, to embark on that journey of salvation, and get to the finish, all hell breaks loose. We receive all kinds of assaults just to hinder us from getting there and receiving what the Lord is doing. Our journey has not been without challenges nor has it been without battles. It is not the fact that we have battles or challenges that matters, it is what we do with it that will eventually count: what happens in our response to what Satan throws at us is very important.

I identify with what Pastor Richard Asaolu said yesterday, because we both had a history in the past. He said in the 90’s, there was an apostle that God sent to this country to start a work and there was much momentum released from the realm of the SPIRIT. There was a great sense of mobilization: a clarity of where the Lord was going. We saw something in view but then, along the line, a few years later, you look at the same company and you see a diminishing momentum. That sense of ‘the journey’ that was there before is no longer there. That is not new.

The history of the church has always been with imprisonment. The history of the church has always been the story of prison; not because the early apostles were thrown in prison, neither is it because we will be thrown in prison. Yes – that’s part of the story of the church, but it’s the imprisonment of the spirit of revival; of the movement of God- what God has begun to do. Every time God begins to do something towards Zion, the enemy of our God rises up and tries to stop what the Lord is doing. Every time there is the love of the spirit there is always an enemy that rises to frustrate the work. There has to be a commitment in our heart. We don’t want to be a generation that starts with the life of God but does not finish with it.

Lord we pray that you look upon us with mercy and help us to finish this course and receive the end of our faith (1 Peter 1:9). Thank you Father for coming to us, for using these great men and women to speak to us.

As a young boy in the 80’s, I was in the University for a Concert organized by the School of Nursing, alongside a federal polytechnic. Rev. Kayode Oyegoke was there, and at some point during the Word, he began to minister to the people. I was in the music room and I saw this yellow boy ( Rev. Kayode) with a cool cut. He will run into the crowd and hit someone and the person will fall, I was watching him because falling under the power was rare in our time except for what we see  on TV. Papa Ezekiel also comes to our meetings and we call him ‘demon bulldozer’.

But this yellow brother was moving in the crowd and at a point he came to us and said, “the man of God said I should pray for you people and some of us said ‘no we want the man of God’, so he went back to him and the man of God said that he should tell us that he sent him to pray for us.
Rev. Kayode then came back and said he was sent to us, and we grudgingly allowed him. Then he spoke his kind of tongue, then he gave a word of prophecy that there was one of us that has been praying for the gift of prophecy, then a brother raised up his hands but he said ‘No!’ that he was not the one, so I raised up my hand and he said: ‘Yes it’s you!’. Then he laid hands on me and the gift was activated instantly.

Few days later, I was strolling on campus and I saw him again. So I ran to him and asked why he was still on campus, he replied that he was also a student, then he followed me to my room, he ate rice, and then he taught the Word for many hours. Throughout that year, he labored for hours in the word. Later on, he moved to Zaria for the ministry.

As an executive in my fellowship- a bible study coordinator, the things he taught us before he left began to change our perspective. The fellowship then kicked us out, and tagged us ‘the disciples of Kay’.

One day, there was a knock on our door and the president of our fellowship came to our room with a written prophecy by Charles Price. It was later we knew that the prophecy was originally written by Jeane Leads.  Part of the prophecy says “There will come a full and total restoration of all things in Christ”.

The reason for the testimony is to attain full redemption. The reason why we do the things we are do now is because there is a total redemption.

There is a conspiracy against the move of God and if you look at the physical, there are many things that fight the work of God. The good news is that we are on the journey of redemption; the journey is a journey of God towards us and our journeying towards God. Every day, when a new understanding, a new light, comes upon me, what it produces is a journey. I want you to be encouraged that you are changing everyday. Every day you are learning Him, every act of obedience takes you away from yourself and takes you into God.

We are journeying by looking at God, if we ever look at ourselves we will stop journeying towards God. The work of salvation that Jesus wrought on the cross was a prophetic thing and a finished thing. He has already done it, the works have been finished from the foundation of the world. We must connect to what God is doing by faith.

A while ago, I noticed that everything was centered on the New Testament. When I was told to talk on ‘wisdom’, I realized that the whole Bible is about wisdom. And when the next fellowship tells me to talk about ‘the way’ and I look at the bible, I also realize that everything is all about ‘the way’. Many a times, it seemed everything is saying the same thing.

I was pondering recently about the testimony and John being taken to Patmos and I concluded that the Bible is all about the testimony of Jesus.

Revelation 1:1-2
“The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:   Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw”.

There is a knowledge of Christ or a dimension of the mystery of Christ that is hidden. John was apprehended on the Isle of Patmos to come into witness. The Lord wants to make us witnesses. I was wondering about this when it dawned on me that God will always leave a witness. Somehow, there has to be a witness. There has to be something here on earth connecting with heaven. The reason for  the devil’s attack; like the gay right movement is to go against the witness.

Recently, the number ‘22’ and the number ‘33’ jumped into my life. I knew it was not just a coincidence, because those numbers appeared consistently. Then the Lord explained the significance of those numbers; He said the numbers ‘2’ and ‘3’ are identical. Looking at scriptures that compare ‘2’ and ‘3’ together; the two numbers are placed side by side, for instance, ‘For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am…’ (Matthew 18:20), ‘…every message shall be established by two or more witnesses’ (Matthew 18:16), etc. This means that if two present themselves it is acceptable, and if three present themselves it is also acceptable.

So he began talking to me about witnesses. The Lord said the reason He is coming, is because He wants to raise witnesses, and when we become witnesses there will be a release of power. So, the Lord told me that the first number is of the Lord and the second of the Holy Ghost.

“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand”.

Hebrews 12:1
“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us”.

The ministry of the Lord is the ministry of witnesses. When anyone comes to the ministry, he has to do the work of witness. The Son is the divine communication of God. Jesus Christ is the first witness of redemption. His walk was a work that could be clearly seen, because He walked a walk that didn’t leave anything belonging to the prince of this world in Him. There is nothing in Christ that is outside God. He is the faithful witness because He is true, and He is able to x-ray, and also portray what God really is.

There is a ministry of witness. I believe that the prophetic church is a witness church. If only we know what that means, we would pray constantly to be witnesses. This has always been my desire. The truth is, God wants to walk in our midst in a very real way. When you feel with his heart, you will SEE truth and FEEL truth.

The testimony is about the honor of God. Somehow the testimony they testified about was one which was consistent. This whole universe is not an artistic expression, it came out of a place, an order, a counsel. It is in these that the three are one.

The Lord will remain in glory while the Holy Ghost will go and bring his bride for Him. The prophets all spoke about the testimony, and the testimony is Christ. Whatever you see in the Bible, even if it’s the story of people’s lives, it witnesses about Christ. Jesus did not memorize the testimony, He was the Spirit of the testimony. For us, this is the covenant!!

Circumcision means nothing if the whole law is not kept. We need to keep the law. The order for the earth came from a Counsel. Jesus fulfilled prophecies according to the written Word. It is not even in the number of prophecies He fulfilled, it is about the Life of the eternal counsel He fulfilled. The difference between the old and the new testament is that the Spirit will be put in our Hearts to do the will of God.

When the testimony is being sealed, then, the people of God are being raised. The power of witness is that the witness initiates the process of death. By the grace of God, the testimony is being proclaimed. We are receiving this testimony and we are keepers of this testimony. The way you keep it is by walking and doing. That testimony is also by the grace of God.

Note: No matter where we are, we are changing! And this is not by our power but by the power of God. When you enter the elevator, you do nothing, but you get there, this is a typical example of grace. However, there are works in grace but it is also the work of grace.

We must see the Gospel as more than words, because it is more than words. It is the power of God. It is the testimony. Grace is given to us to walk like Him and as we keep that grace, we will be distinguished from the world. It is the Spirit that is the life of the testimony, so, to walk in the testimony, we have to be responsive to the Holy Ghost because we are spirit and we must live in the Spirit. If we live in the Spirit we must also walk in the Spirit.

How I know I’m becoming a son is by walking in the spirit. Although it may not look like it but the truth is, we are changing, because we are walking. We are not stagnated, we are progressing and advancing in the way of God.

Tongues and Interpretation:
“I am the Lord in the midst of you, I am the one who is the keeper of covenant. I make my covenant true. I’m here to make you walk in all my covenant. Even the covenant I made with my son. The throne of the Lord is forever. I’m bringing you into this covenant, you will reign over nations, sin and all that have stood against you even the church. I am He that keepeth covenant, my covenant is an everlasting covenant which I made with my son. You will partake in this covenant and in you will I make this covenant sure”.

Rounding off: Reverend Kayode Oyegoke

I sense that we are looking at a generation that will overcome sin. I feel the issue of sin is about to be completely dealt with, not just in heaven but in us. What is standing against the church is sin. Sin is hindering the glory.

He will unveil His heart and the grace that will make us see sin. God is raising us by exalting Jesus and magnifying His person. We will run with Him and it is that testimony that will show us the magnificence of Jesus. We are going to have unveilings. Faith is having boldness to continue and to hold on to the staff for deliverance. We need to be encouraged. This faith is grace. Truth is grace. Thus, grace is at work without you knowing it. There is a lot that faith is doing that you are not aware of. Faith is the opposite of sin. Sin is not just fornication and adultery. Those are sins of the outer court. Sin is not just what we comit, its more than that; it is a nature. Such a nature must be purged in us. May heaven purge us.

***The End***