Speaker 2: Pastor Ernest Paul

If ever we need Jesus, it is much more now. It is You that we need, Jesus. You are beautiful, Jesus, we will wake in Your consciousness; we will feel with Your heart; we will see with Your eyes. This is the new wine the Lord has promised.

The Lord Jesus wants to be known to us in a way that He has not made Himself known before. There is a manifestation of  the divine that makes Jesus known. The Lord Jesus wants us to know the union that we have with Him.

There are three important unions: There is the union of the blessed trinity; there is the union of Christ and the Church, where we have been incorporated into Him. Also, there is the vital union of the believer with his Lord, such that it is no longer ‘I’ that lives but Christ that lives in me (Gal. 2:20).

Now that He indwells us, He is not moving out anymore such that His faculties will become our faculties. We are coming to know the union we have with Christ, we are coming to know the Lord by revelation. Apostle Paul knew the Lord in the spirit, and he has ordained for us to know Him in the spirit – not as theology, but in truth. Inwardly and outwardly, we will see the Lord. He wants us to know Him, to know that He is right here with us, not just up there. We must know Him.