Believers’ Convention 2015

Day 2 – Morning Session (17th  August, 2015)

Tongues and Interpretation

This is the prophecy for the soul, even My testimony. For by this will the soul prosper and without it, no soul can prosper. This is the prosperity that I bring to you,even My testimony. For My testimony is the prosperity of the soul and so you will prosper in the soul and be in good health. You will prosper and be in good health when your soul has taken My testimony – that which I bring is for your prosperity, oh soul.
This is the appointed time for the soul of saints, the souls  of My people to prosper. By My prosperity shall My kingdom be spread abroad. This is that testimony – that testimony which is unfolding among you – it is the prosperity of the Kingdom. That is My testimony!

Pastor Richard Asaolu

It is very needful for us to begin to pay attention to the spontaneous flow that comes within us and the pictures that come to us, for the gift of special faith will come to us – especially the advancing church. Therefore, the Lord says, let My church come into My awareness, into how My spirit operates in her midst.

When I was praying for this meeting, the Lord said there will be two dimensions of Him in our midst. One of which is the demonstration of the Lord. How will they know the Lord is in our midst if He doesn’t demonstrate Himself?

I saw this person in the crowd ask: “Lord, how can I demonstrate

“Anyone with unequal fingers should stand up”.

We’ve talked so much about it without demonstrating it. Now, it’s time to demonstrate it. The other side of demonstration is healing. The Lord has said to us: “If you don’t have it, I’ll create it for you”.

Say (to those who have unequal fingers): “In the name of Jesus, I command the bone, the flesh, the muscle, the tissue of this part that is short (Mention the part) to grow right now and meet the second one.

Response: Shouts of confirmation!

“Thank you Lord Jesus!”. Give glory to the Lord.

Rev. Kayode Oyegoke

Pst. Emeka told me God will begin to confirm this word with signs and wonders. After a while, it will be so strong. I was ministering in C.A.C. one day and nine gifts of the Spirit were in operation.

There will be creative miracles and healings even in this Convention. All manner of deliverances are taking place even without prayers being raised for people. Deliverances will take place.

Pastor Dimeji

The Lord has come to purify us and take away stumbling blocks. I hear the song of the Spirit calling us to a deeper dimension of fellowship. Thank You Lord Jesus.
I have a strong witness in My Spirit that God is set to do a lot.
I see the Lord descending in this cloud. I see fire descending on the saints.
He says we should open our hearts and focus on Him. His presence will increase; the presence of the Lord will increase with His hands reaching out to bring many of us into deeper places of fellowship.

I have a strong burden and I perceive strongly that He’s seated in our midst. There are times we come into gatherings like this and we do not discern that He is here. Jesus is Here!

I hear: “Open up your hearts for Me. Open up your hearts for Me. I’ll come. I’ll come”.

We’ve been praying for months. He says He’s heard that prayer: I’ll come. I’m not talking of the future but NOW! He’ll come as fire to purify. He has already began to prepare the way in some of our hearts. Some of us will enter a stronger dimension of fellowship. For some, it will be an experience. Appetites are being changed; divine surgeries are happening; taste buds are being replaced and passion for the Lord is being quickened.

I see Heaven opening up and sucking us in. It is the day of the Lord. It is the day of the Lord! We are here for You Lord. We are here.

He says His appearing is our ascension. Ascension is being changed and turned.
He says: “As I keep appearing, you’ll ascend.” We’ll keep ascending.

How many of us desire His appearance?

These are days of His appearances. Some of us will receive a witness of His appearance in these seven days. The time has come to come into clear encounters and witnesses of His appearances. These are the times of His appearance.

Rev. Kayode Oyegoke

“Holy are You Lord
All creation call You God
Worthy is Your name
We worship Your majesty

Awesome God
How great thou art
You are God
Mighty are your miracles
We stand in awe of Your holy name
Lord we bow and worship You”

Tongues and Interpretation

This is the season of encounters; the season of divine initiations. This is the season of the heavens pouring out upon the earth witnesses. These are the days Heaven is reaching out to the earth and the testimony of the Spirit is breaking out on the earth and bringing the earth under the complete governance of the Heavens. All forces are being brought under the power of the Heavens.

These are days when the very essence of Heaven which is the testimony of Jesus is coming forth. The Lord is standing in the midst of His universe and causing His glory to be made known. These are the days of His glory. These are Glory days. These are days of the effulgence of His person -The one who is the One. These are the days of the One. These are the days of the brilliant light shining from the east to the west; the days of the clamouring of the earth for God’s glory. That glory is the Lord! The Lord is Spirit. The Spirit is heavenly life! The life is no longer hidden. It’s here! Open your hearts, open your eyes and embrace; as you begin to see, your walk will be altered. Your walk is taken you to a new place for these are the days of power- the power of heaven is loose.

The test of the power is evident. You will see the witness of His presence. He is here to work in our midst, act on us and receive us. The testimony is being distributed and given, many will have encounters and many  will walk in the realisation of the light that is being communicated. When these days are open, you will receive, you will know and you will be established in the testimony of the Lord.

Tongues and Interpretation

I hear in my spirit the Lord say:

“I will begin to show signs in this time and generation. I will begin to show signs of abiders. Men whom I have raised and caused to come to the place of My abode. I will  through them show you what it means to abide. They will speak from where they were – even the place I have given them to abide 

They will speak, shout, roar, rebuke and speak and all they say is ‘Come in’. All they are declaring is that you will come inside – come inside for the new day is dawn. Outside is darkness; thick darkness. Darkness will keep increasing. But with Me is the day of light even the place where you have been called to come in. I will cause many to come and abide there. I will raise men who will speak of My abiding place. They will speak and souls will run into the place of My abode.”

We receive that Word.
We thank You Lord.

Tongues and Interpretation

“Behold, I’m here as a door. I’m in your midst as a door. So will I begin to manifest entrance. An entrance will be granted to many. I’m in your midst as a door. I’m the door. You need to enter. I’m manifesting to you as a door. I’m coming to you as a door. I’m beckoning to you as a door.

Enter through this door for  the door has come to you. The door has come to you. l will cause amidst you a manifestation of My Spirit – the Spirit of the Lord. Even the Spirit of the Lord; even the seven spirits of the Lord. A greater measure and manifestation of the seven spirit of the Lord that is before My throne. Yea, I will bless you with the seven spirit. For it is the blessing of the testimony.

I will cause you to come near; I will draw you closer by the manifestations of even the seven spirits. I will cause you to draw near. I will cause you to come even to My sanctuary. Some will journey, migrate and gain entrance into the Melchisedec order. There will be total severance from your past. A total alienation from your genealogy, from that which has linked you to the earth. I’m bringing judgment on things that have hindered and  kept you back.
Yea, you will come. I will cause you to come by the manifestation of My spirit. This is the day for you to come.