There was once a great man who was banished out of his father’s house just because he was conceived out of wedlock. His father had employed the services of an harlot and the result was a baby boy. The boy grew well and strong but was despised by his siblings since he was not a legitimate son of their father, hence they swore he would not have any part in their father’s inheritance.

The boy had grown into a man great strength and skills, and seems to be a threat to them so they banished him out of their father’s house and even out of the entire land so he would be far from sight. He was very angry but couldn’t do much to fight against them yet he determined within himself that he would rather become great and one day, he will rule his people again. He therefore left for another land where he continued to wax strong, training and preparing himself for battle. With him were men who amounted to nothing, men who were lazy and had no useful skill but rather than complain, he took to the task of training them and making them into a small but mighty army.

There came a time when his father’s house and the whole land where he was banished from was to go to war with a much more mightier land. They had no war skill and competence to execute the war so the elders resorted to seeking help from the person they once banished. They consulted him for to lead their soldiers to war but rather than just accepting, he gave them conditions of compliance. “I want to be your leader not just to this war but also in the land, I want to your head all over the land.” The elders had no choice but to agree. He therefore agreed to execute the war which he eventually won. He was grateful to God although it cost him the life of his only daughter because he had vowed to give to God as sacrifice whatsoever comes out to welcome him first from his house.

An adaptation of the story of Jephthah. (Judges 11)

My Lessons from the story.
1. Your background is not an excuse for failure.
2. Never define your life by what other people define you by.
3. No matter what life throws at you, keep developing yourself.
4. Use every opportunity at your disposal to add value to your life and to the lives of others.
5. The world is in need of great people no matter their story.
6. Don’t complain about the kind of people around you, you can turn them to great assets.
7. Don’t be too angry to see opportunities when presented to you.
8. Be ready to forgive people their past mistakes and always move on in life.
9. Never make a vow you don’t intend to fulfil.
10. God is your only source of victorious living. Never assume your strength is.

I know the lessons from this story are not limited to the five highlighted above. See if you learnt anything from the story and update us at
God bless you. Have a blessed day.