“Wake up Tolu,” Seun shouted, “we will be late for convocation.” “What’s the time?” Tolu asked. “It’s almost 8am,” responded Seun. Seun has been her room mate all through the university and happens to be her only intimate friend.

They had graduated from the University with good grades and the day was set for their convocation, so Tolu and Seun had to stay together the eve of the d-day. They were very anxious and excited they will be putting on the convocation gown, walking down the Hall to collect their statements of result and individual awards as they performed well in their respective studies.

“My parents are coming, they are already on their way,” Seun said. On hearing this, it was like somebody just opened Tolu’s wound. All of a sudden, she couldn’t control herself as tears ran down her eyes. She began to sob uncontrollably like a baby. “What’s wrong”, Seun tried to enquire and also tried t console her. “How I wish my parents could also witness this day,” Tolu responded.

Tolu’s parents had died when she was in her first year in the university. They were attending a function together when their vehicle was involved in a fatal tragic accident. She was the eldest of her siblings. She had no other source of funding so it was difficult for her to continue in school. She had to suffer many things to see to the wellbeing of her younger ones and also to cater for her own tuition fee. She prayed to God for help and God helped her through school. She couldn’t hold back the mixed emotions of finally graduating from school and the fact that she missed her parents.

Seun therefore encouraged and consoled her not to cry again but to be happy and appreciate God for everything. At the end of the day, the both praised God for the gift of life, successful completion of their degree program, provisions and sustenance through their academic years, and also that they finished well.

God will never forsake you neither will He leave or abandon you. No matter what you go through in life, He has said, He will be with you all the days of your life. Unfortunate incidence happens, but we must realise that God is not the one who causes evil to fall on man, therefore we should not respond to God in frustration or anger. It is the devil who as a thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but God wants to give us abundance of life. Abundance of life doesn’t just mean surplus of money but a better quality of life free from sickness, poverty, frustration, disappointments, etc. If we trust in Him, we will live our lives in peace and pleasure. “My thoughts towards you are thoughts of good, not evil, to give you hope and a future.” Rather than blame God, bless God. Push through, truth Him with your life and He will establish your path. Have a blessed day.