The times are here
The days are getting darker
Make no light the threats
For the enemy creeps.

Deception is on the increase
Subtility is on the rise
The innocent they run after
The simple they choose to pursue.

Systematically, they strategize
With high wisdom they paint their points
Their thoughts they carefully polish
A perverted hope, they sell to all.

Like dove they come
Like scorpion they sting
Like friends they approach
Lke asp they poison.

Silly women, their target
Ignorant men, they desire
With the wise, they proof wiser
With the foolish they pronounce their folly.

The times are here
Perilous I must admit
The last days are not far
A great falling away is at hand.

I ask myself, Am I standing?
The answer must be yes, and if so
I must take serious my stand
Lest I also fall away.

Will I meet faith, the master ask
Is there still faith, I choose to ask
If there still be what Christ calls faith in you,
Then CONTEND earnestly for the FAITH.

I live by the Faith of the Son
I will stand strong till the end.
I will remain resolute in faith
Lest I die without FAITH.