I live in a world where:

Things are getting smaller, but problems are getting bigger.
Technology is advancing, but the mind is declining.
Schools are increasing in number, but intelligence is dwindling.
More money is being earned, more lives plunge into poverty.
More laws are being enacted, yet crime is on the increase.
Responsibilities are increasing, yet responsible people are not much.
Warnings are melted out daily, yet reckless is the order of the day.
Everything is being simplified, yet everything becomes complicated.
Goods foods are being discovered daily, yet, life expectancy drops daily.
Our hospitals boast of quality equipments only to discover ailments and diseases that has no cure.
There is almost an App for everything, yet there is no proper attitude.
Everything is being unified, yet the people are not unified.

The message is one, man is confused. There is no solution with man.
Jesus is the ONLY solution. Not even religion….. Jesus is the answer.