How fast the day moves. I hope you had a good week? Just last week, we spoke about God’s perspectives of us and how we are also expected to see God and relate with Him and I sure hope it blessed you. Well, at times, I get feedbacks about how long the write up is and how it may become difficult to read through. That may seem through but for something that should last you a week, I presume that’s not too much to read. Maybe you may use the option of saving it and reading it in bits, that may help.

This week, I like to share with you responsibilities attached to what we shared last week on God’s perspective of you. This relates to how God expects us to relate with ourselves. Let me present the scripture again.

“Therefore as elects of God, holy, and beloved of God, put on;…”

The term “put on” shows a deliberate intention to do something. It suggest an active participation in intentionally putting on something. Just like we need to put on our cloths, shoes, glasses and so on when going out for an event, it is also expected of us to wear a kind of life as elects of God who has been made Holy because we are he beloved of God. It is not a passive act but intentional. Careful selective process is need when choosing the kind of cloth to put on, the type of shoe that goes with it and all other accessories are carefully chosen to fit the occasion. Hence, we are expected to put on:

1. Bowels of mercies: As per the English dictionary, bowel is defined as “The concept or quality that defines something at its very core.” God expects us to put on a very high quality of mercy that is not just coming from our mouth but reaches and stems out from the very core of our innermost. To the mercy, God says He’ll show Himself as merciful. Jesus in the sermon at the mount said, anyone that is merciful is blessed as such will also obtain mercy. God requires that we are full of mercy to all around us irrespective of their background, status, race, religion political affiliations, education, achievements and so on. Be merciful to all.

2. Kindness: How kind are you to all? God expects that we are kind to all and sundry. Just as God is love and in His love, He shows us kindness, we are also expected to put on kindness such that when anyone comes in contact with us, He/she will not but notice how kind we are. To be kind is to show acts of generosity without aiming to take undue advantage. It’s always a product of love and that’s why most times, it is written as loving-kindness, an acts that takes its root from love. Love all and show kindness to all.

3. Humbleness of mind: In all you may ever become or achieve in life, maintain a humble mind. Humbleness of the mind is a state that shows that you have not become vainly puffed up in the mind. Your mind has not become haughty because of who seem to be or what you seem to have achieved. Just like Jesus, you are expected to put on humbleness of mind. Never forget this golden truth, God resist the proud but gives grace to the humble. In relating with all, have a humble mind ready to submit.

4. Meekness: Meekness is a little deep to understand. It is a combination of three forces humility, gentleness and ability to be submit to learning. A meek person is one that is easy to be taught. He rarely argues or resist knowledge. He is always ready to learn, yet in a gentle and humble way. Moses was regarded as the meekest man in the old testament, but we see Jesus, who is the Son of the God refer to Himself as ‘meek and lowly’ and He demands that we learn from Him so that we can find rest for our soul. Hence, to get rest, learn to be meek and lowly not just to God but to all that comes your way day after day. Put on meekness.

5. Longsuffering: Another word that nearly is similar to longsuffering is endurance. To endure means to continue or carry on in a situation in spite of the difficulty or hardness faced. How often as we intolerable with our friends, neighbours on a regular basis? Rather than endure the wrongs of people, we condemn them at every beckoning. And the question is how often does God punish us for our numerous sins we commit yet we refuse to show a slight tolerance to people who seem to wrong us. Be tolerant. Put on longsuffering.

6. Forbearing one another: As a extension of our tolerance, we are expected to forbear with one another. Man can be perfect but we are not perfect now, so we must expect that people will wrong us and offend us as many times as possible, hence, we must be ready to forbear with one another. Love covers a multitude of sin. It is not because love condones sin and would permit us to live a life of sin, but in love, we are not quit to find fault. In love, we permit. Forbearing with one another must be a deliberate act, not because there is nothing you could do but because you chose not to. In relating with one another, forbear.

7. Forgiving one another: Also, an extension to our act of forbearing with one another, we are expected to forgive. This is a very difficult task for many. Many even vow never to forgive no matter what the other party does to ask for our forgiveness. Someone said ‘in unforgiveness is like drinking a poison and expecting another person to die’. It doesn’t happen. No matter what people can do to us, God expects u to forgive them in an absolute fashion. Jesus in teaching us how to pray says, “forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us”. Does that sound like a condition attached to the prayer? Yes, it is. When Jesus was asked about how many times we must forgive, He responded by saying “seventy times seven”. This means, as oft as people offend you, you are required to forgive. Many complain about the gravity of the sin committed against us, yet we see Jesus doing just the same when He went the way of the cross. And He has this to say to you, “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;” Matt. 5:44. So, if any man have a quarrel, misunderstanding, argument against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do you. If Christ died for us while we were yet sinners, ought we not also to forgive even before an offense is committed? Fore-give, which means give before it is requested. It means before the offense is committed, yo had forgiven the offender.

It’s time to live differently from how you’ve lived in the past. You are not just an ordinary being. You God’s elect, made Holy and has become the dearly beloved of God. And truly, God expects you to put on all these so you can truly represent Him to the world that rarely know Him. If someone says God doesn’t exist, it’s because you’ve refused to truly represent God to them. Be the god the world see. Put on all these and the will see the God in you. God bless you. Have a blessed week.