Parable of Jesus: Parable of the Sower

Bible Text: Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23

Memory Verse: Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. John 15:2

The sower (God) went about sowing seeds. The seed is the Word of God which is Christ. John 1:1. The seeds were sown in different lives and all responded in different ways. Although the seeds were received but not all produced the right results. A larger portion of this heavenly resources were wasted due to various reasons ranging from lack of understanding to being laden with the care of the world. Let’s take a closer look at the parable.

1. Some seeds fell by the way side…. As explained by Jesus, these seeds fell by the way side and was immediately devoured or eaten by the fowls of the air. The fowls does not necessarily mean the devil, it also relates to unbelievers who dislodge and ridicule the importance of the word of God that we have received. To devour means to tear apart. So, what they do is, because we just received it and have not kept it with care, they discredit the word of God in us by saying other things and we lose the import of the word. We even lose the word through careless living like jesting, joking, disbelieve and so on. Heb.4:2, Eph.5:4.

2. Some fell upon stony places…. As explained by Jesus, these seeds fell on a ground where there are no much soil, on a rocky/stony ground. Although they grew but was scorched to death by the rising of the sun and since they had no deep root, they withered immediately. We need to always pray to God to break down our stony hearts. Stony heart relates to a heart that cannot retain the word of God. This kind of heart has become too hard for the word of God to permeate and cause a transformation. Eze.11:19, 36:26. Stony places can also relate to strongholds, philosophies, cultures, etc that we have believed as against the word of God. Such will not allow the word of God to grow and be fruitful in us. 2Cor.10:4,5.

3. Some fell among thorns… Thorns relate to things that have the capacity to choke the word of God in us to death. Though, the word is received and allowed to grow, but the atmosphere in which it is grown or the conditions around the word can choke the word to death. As explained by Jesus, though the seed grew, the thorn also grew. So, because the thorns were allowed to grow, it killed the impact of the word. Here, thorns are cares of the world or simply say, worldliness. Jesus once told us, you cannot serve two masters. You’ll either love one or hate the other. Matt.6:24, Lk.16:13. There are legitimate cares and illegitimate cares. We must not allow either to override us. Matt.6:32. We must cut down the thorns before they cut us down from growing in the Lord.

4. But others fell into good ground…. Of all the categories of ground, only this produced fruit. Naturally speaking, only a minority were able to use the word of God rightly to become fruitful. Many just waste heavenly resources. As explained by Jesus, these sets of people did not just receive the word of God, they consciously planted it into their own field and watched it grow. And they did not just stop at growing it, they tendered it until it brought forth fruit and still went ahead to measure the production capacity of their planting. Matt.3:10, Matt.21:19. God expects us to bear fruit. We must also note that we cannot bear fruit outside Him. We must abide in Him, then He abides in us, then we can bear good fruits. John 15:1-8.