One thing that secures friendship is TRUST.
TRUST is something you do with your heart and not your head. When it’s from head, Trust may be lacking.
TRUST strengthens a relationship more, even when all is gone.

TRUST is much more than words.
When TRUST does not find its root in LOVE, it’s no longer TRUST.
TRUST can prolong any relationship especially when it can be rooted in LOVE.
TRUST is more powerful when it finds its root from LOVE.

TRUST can keep the enemy away from friends.
TRUST breaks every spot of doubt.
TRUST can secure a nation.
TRUST can deepen a people and bind them together.

Love is the sun that shines on TRUST and makes it whole.
TRUST can make you not to be ashamed.
TRUST is stronger that veins knitted together.
TRUST will cause a man to follow God even when there seems to be no reason to follow God.

TRUST is what breaks hide outs.
In TRUST, secrets are entrusted without fear or shame.
TRUST can make believers share their secret sin with a “brother” without fear.
TRUST trusts other with issues of life and death.

TRUST can convict a thief of wrong acts.
TRUST is the chord of true brotherhood through LOVE.
TRUST can break the heart of a man that is hardened.
TRUST is stronger than a hardened heart.

TRUST has his link in love.
TRUST is from the heart.
With the heart we love.
TRUST is from LOVE.