As I lay upon my bed to get some sleep, I hear the Lord say, I will cause there to fall suddenly the rain of abundance that if it were told you, you would not believe. This would not be according to the intelligence of man nor the administrative capacity of man, but to fulfil the divine will and purpose of God for this nation at this time. But if the people will not acknowledge me and serve me, I will visit their trespass and judge them according to their sins. I will hasten the fulfilment and performance of my word. For as many as will trust me shall live in abundance all the days of their lives, say the Lord.

I also hear the Lord say, I will restore. I will replenish and I will yet restore. There shall be sounds of joy heard again on the streets of Nigeria. I will silence the evil workers and will bring judgment on the workers of mischief. I will proclaim my name in the midst of this nation as the God of vengeance.

I will restore peace and order. I will restore justice and equity. My people shall rejoice, yea, they that trust in me shall live in absolute peace and safety.

Nations may rise against nations, their might be rumours of wars rising against nations, but I will keep in perfect peace whose heart is stayed on me, says the Lord.

I will break the teeth of the serpents and the claws of the scorpions. I will visit them in my wrath those who rise up early to do mischief. But in all these, I will cause there to be a shout of joy in the city, for evil shall be purged from the land.

Rejoice, for the Lord shall cause there to be a performance and the people shall say, it is not by power, not by might, but by the Spirit says the Lord.

Yours in Christ,
Oliyide Ayotunde.