Noise is much in this world, Noise for this and that,
Hearts tends to shift gaze and move away slowly from the Lord.
Challenges are making brethren to drift from the faith.
Even unanswered prayers causes a lot to shift grounds, patience is lost, no waiting again for the right time because the noise is much.

Noise is one thing that distracts people and causes us to lack focus. Many times this brings about doubts in our hearts towards the Lord. Noise may not be avoided in this world as long as we are here! But if we just keep in tune more and more with Him a time will come when we won’t hear the noise any longer just His voice we shall hear. His voice will become our core interest and we won’t just hear the noise; the noise may increase but as long as we are in tune and in fellowship with Him, we hear His voice.

Fellowship is one thing that secures the trust of a friends making His voice well trusted. When we fellowship with Him, His voice becomes our interest and becomes louder to us and people will ask, are you not hearing the noise? But we are just so lost with His voice. Yoruba proverbs says “a kin wo aruwo oja…!” (We pay less attention the noise of the market place). We don’t look at the noise of the market(this world) but when our ears has learnt to hear God by fellowship, the trust within will activate His voice to be louder inside of us! #Mercy.