(Eternal Glorious fountain ministries)

21st May, 2015.

Pastor Tope Leading Prayers:

(Prayers of Thanksgiving)

Let’s thank God for direction coming from the School of the Spirit. Let’s thank Him for pastures; for leading us from place to place in the Spirit.

There has been warfare this season. Let’s thank God for graces to make war this season.

Let’s pray for today’s meeting that the Lord will show us mercy. That God will help us today.

Pastor Busuyi talked about the the Spirit of Truth – the activity of the Spirit of Truth. While Pastor Emeka was also concluding on Tuesday (Prayer meeting) about knowledge; how it helps us know where we are and how we ought to walk.

Let’s ask for the activity of the Spirit of Truth today – that there will be so much activity of this Spirit today.

Paul in rounding up two of his epistles asked that utterance be granted him. There are so many things the Spirit wants to say but there has to be utterance to say them. Let’s pray for the servant of God that will be ministering today; that he would be given utterance to declare what the Spirit is saying.

Pastor Clever leading prayers:

God is not bringing us here for nothing. We should understand that God is not bringing us here for nothing. We should stop the mentality of just coming to church for coming sake; but with the mentality that God has something to say to us.

Let’s trust God to be lost in the Spirit as we pray this prayer – that He will make plain to us His will for this School.

God told Habakuk to write the vision and make it plain (Hab. 2:2).

Some of us, our work has been stopped and we are still crying over what we shouldn’t be crying over instead of focusing on what God is doing.

So many of us have forgotten about purpose. There is a reason why God has left us here if not, He would have taken us home.

Somewhere we don’t know that our hearts have slipped into lukewarmness – they have to persuade us to even make us come here.

When there is fire, nothing will stop us from coming here. When there is fire, there will be drive to fulfill purpose.

Let’s pray and cry out for mercy that our hearts will be ignited with fire; that our hearts will be ignited to pant again for the Lord.

When we look at the disciples after Jesus died, they were like men without vision, but when Jesus appeared, they had men follow them; They received fire.

Nothing should stop us. Is it hunger? Nothing should. The disciples were beaten, they were warned not to speak again in the name of Jesus, but this did not stop them.

Let’s pray that the fire of the Lord will fall on us again; that will help us go beyond our excuses. Fire that will break limitations.

Some of us will testify that if it’s  the way we are treating this school is the way we are treating the secular school, what will be the result?. That it is called the school of the spirit does not mean that there wouldn’t be any result. Years from now we will see people and we will be ashamed of our state. May we not be ashamed!

Attitude matters. Let’s pray for the right attitude towards this school, and what God is doing at this time.

Prayers: Pastor Ken.

We look to You Yaweh. They looked to Him and they were not ashamed (Psalm 34:5).

This is not a place of seeking to establish our knowledge. We acknowledge that the place of truth is a place we should fear. Let the glory of this life become our life. Let the anointing of truth take over our hearts.

Lord, let our heart burn for the desire for that which our hearts has not laid hold unto. Oh! Cause hearts to arise; let our heart arise and let there be a connection in our spirits.

The substance of what we are hearing is Christ. We can come to a place where it will be a reality in our HEARTS. Lord, let us be freshly espoused to our spouse.

Help us to run to the place You have designed for us for safety. You designed the Ark of Noah and his generation entered. You are building an ark. May we not fail in the grace of God.

Let us fellowship with the reality in Your world. Let life come. Help us Jesus!

Thank you Jesus. Halleluya!Halleluya!
We give you praise – all the praise.

Ministering: Pastor Emeka Egwuchukwu.

We are in a crucial season. God has helped us as a people. It’s an obvious fact. God is faithful. He Who has called; He will also perform it.

He’s the One that predestines and calls. He understands the process He’s going to take us through, so He knows how to call.

1 John 3:23-24:
“And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment. 24. And he that keepeth his commandment dwelleth in him, and he in him. And thereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us”.

1 John 4:1-21: (Kindly Check)

In this great season, a whole lot is unfolding. Some transactions I’m able to pick in my spirit, I don’t have utterance to speak them now.

The Light has to dawn, then it can come to the place where it can also be ministered.
We’ll just keep following the Spirit of God as He teaches us love.

The commandment is that we should love one another. We know He loves us because the commandment abides in us.

The revelation of Jesus Christ is the commandment of the New Testament.
The purpose of commandment is to crystalize a person called ‘Commandment’ inside our heart – our soul.

As we receive commandments, it brings about or crsyatlizes in our hearts the person who is the commandment.

God is the commandment; His Son Jesus is the commandment$

‘That which dwelleth in us’ talks of us receiving the commandments till the revelation of Jesus is issued out for to build a template of commandment in you.

In that manner, the commandment is held by us and we become custodians of the commandment that is of God. Through the giving of commandments, ‘He that keepeth this commandment dwelleth in Him’.

I John 4:16
“And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him”.

He that dwelleth in this commandment dwelleth in God, and God in him.

1 John 3:23-24 ; 1 John 4:16. (Compare the second scripture above with verse 24 of chapter 3).

The Spirit He’s given us is the Spirit of truth. There is the spirit of error. However, He’s given us the Spirit of truth; It’s in the commandment. What you call ‘commandment’ is Spirit.

We call it commandment because it comes as such, but it’s actually the delivery of the Spirit to us. God gives us Spirit by giving us commandment.

When you hear me say: ‘God is commandment’, I’m not saying God is a written law like the ten commandments written on a stone given to Moses for the children of Israel; But Moses was a commandment to them. There was no Spirit on the stone; The commandment was Moses; just as the commandment in the New Testament is Jesus.

Commandment is a person. The children of Israel interacted with Moses who was the commandment.

God is a Spirit. He’s not a man. God has nothing to do with that writing on the stone. I’m not saying He’s not the one that gave that to Moses, but all of that was in a bid to import something that is spiritual into the natural – to the level that man can comprehend or hold.

God does not speak English, or Latin. His language is Spirit. How do you bring a spiritual understanding to a man who’s limited.

Our language limits our access to spiritual things. That’s why you want to have a raise in understanding spiritual things. They break down your human understanding – because our minds can’t be trusted with the things of the Spirit.

You must have the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. The spirit of wisdom and revelation baptizes the mind into a realm where it’s not exercised by its developed capacities. It’s been brought into a realm where it can’t hold anything, and its given the capacity to comprehend.

The level of baptism is the level to which you’ll be able to take spiritual things. Our language limits us in accessing spiritual things. “The Spirit of intercession maketh groanings which can’t be uttered” (Romans8:26).

There are things you can’t comprehend. There are some prayers you’d never make, because you pray according to your sight.

When your spirit prays, it goes beyond your mind which is limited by your language. Your language limits your access and comprehension of spiritual things.

God is trying to bring what to Him is a spiritual reality to man. How do you make man hold and keep what Spirits hold and keep? To the man, it’s not a reality because he’s not in that realm. To God, it is a reality.

Commandment is not as you see it. Commandment is Spirit. When God is giving us commandment, what He’s giving to us is Spirit; The Holy Ghost, The Word and the Father is God.

God is giving the Spirit that the Father has. The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost have Spirit. In bringing that Spirit to us for man to understand it, They had to call it commandment.

Someone just said now: ‘Are you saying the Holy Ghost Who is Spirit also has Spirit?’. You need to understand what I’m saying. The Holy Ghost is a personality in the God-head, even as the Son and the Father are.

There is something that makes them one. There are 3 that bear record in heaven; “The Father, The Word and The Holy Ghost (1 john 5:7). There are 3 that bear witness on earth; the Spirit, and the water, and the blood (1 john 5:8)”.

‘Record’ is borne in heaven, but ‘witness’ on earth – the Spirit, and the water, and the blood.

These 3 agree to that which they have; The water, blood and Spirit are what they issue.

“As He is, so are we” (1 john 4:17). That’s what gives us confidence. He has Spirit! That which I call ‘Spirit’ is that which the Father has in Himself, and the Holy Ghost has, and the Son has. That’s what’s called Commandment or Spirit.

That commandment which they have is Their Spirit; That makes Them one – that’s what makes that oneness. The issue of oneness can’t be fully understood by man.

They are 3 distinct personalities in the Godhead. You can find out Their distinctiveness even in the epistles.

When Jesus was baptized, He was incarnate flesh. The Holy Ghost has the ability to take any shape – the Father can’t. The Holy Ghost can be fire, water, oil, dove, That’s His nature. He came on the incarnate flesh.

“Whoever I will see the dove come rest in bodily form” (Mathew 3:16).