Speaker 7: Rev. Mrs. Helen Oyegoke

We have to be really grateful for what God’s doing in our midst. What is happening to us is just the mercy of God. He’s revealing to us the secret of immortality.
For ages, mankind has been looking for the secret of immortality. Nobody wants to die, so they are on a search for a means not to die.

I heard of something from olden days: There’s this fetish ring some people wear on their toes in hopes that they’ll never die. But they’ll die; and when they eventually die, they’ve died but they are still breathing somewhere – they are clinically dead but not really dead. [They are living in another realm that is neither heaven nor earth – hell]

Man wasn’t meant to die. Kings of old used other people’s lives to prolong their lives but eventually they all died. The secret of immortality has been hidden for ages.

Modern day technology has brought anti-ageing tablets, anti-ageing cream – so your skin would look like that of a baby. After some time, the anti-ageing cream starts giving some negative effects that will make you die faster.

We give thanks to Jesus Who has revealed the secret of immortality to us.

1 Timothy 6:16
“God alone has the secret of immortality…which no man can approach unto”.

The fact that God is love has made Him immortal. He cannot die because He is love.

“If you dwell in love, you dwell in God…if any man hates his brother, he is a murderer…” (1 John 3:15)

I’m not taking this season lightly. We must take heed to this time. We must give anything it will take to make us enter into this light. Don’t be left out of this journey of light. Make up your mind to walk/stay on this path and God will help you.

This realm is not of man. These things we are hearing are what makes up God. They are bringing us to Their realm by bringing Their conversation to us. What has made Them not to age, to be new every morning is that commandment called LOVE. They too obey that commandment.

Hebrews 8:10, 16
“I’ll write my laws in their minds and I will put it in their hearts”.

How is it written?
“I’ll minister it to them. By so doing, they’ll become My people and know Me.” When they know Me, they’ll be able to love.

1 John 4:7-8
“He that loveth is born of God”.

As you’re staying under this ministration, you are being written on.

Hebrews 8:11
“From the lease to the greatest, they will all know Me”.

From Sunday school teacher to student, whatever – wherever – all believers will know Him”.

God wants us to be His people. His people are people of love

John 13:35
“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples if ye have love one to another”.

‘Disciples’ are people who have been disciplined after a learning. We are gradually being taught. We don’t know this love yet. The one we know is the human natural love is not this one. Where your natural love stops is where God’s own love starts. We don’t yet know this divine love as we ought to.

God will take us to the point of excusing others’ misbehaviours. We will go beyond, “Maybe someone provoked her that’s why she reacted like that”. It will reduce tension, offences, clamour in our midst because we are loving one another. Even when I’m completely bad, you’ll look for any good thing that I might have done in the past then you’ll capitalise on that and stay there.

There’s this man Kenneth E. Hagin talked of in his book. He’s never done anything good. Truly, he was terrible and people who knew that Kennett E. Hagin never said anything bad about anyone waited for what he would say about this bad man as he was being put to the ground. When Hagin came, he waited and looked around and finally said: “After all, he had a good set of teeth’.

I’m sure he had made a covenant with his mouth that he wouldn’t ever speak evil, so even when there was nothing good about this man, he still looked for the good thing he could say about him.

At the end of the day, we would emerge a people of strength and grace. Whatever level you are, don’t ever be discouraged. God has abilities to make us, to raise us. He can make us what He wants us to be. He wants us to be people who have His love nature. He will make us because He wants to make a people of Himself – a peculiar people, zealous of good works (Titus 2:14). We will get there! Amen!

1 Thessalonians 3:11-12
Vs 12, “And may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all, just as we do to you”

We would first love ‘one another’;  then we will love ‘all men’.
It’s easier to love ‘all men’ than to love ‘one another’. Except you’re someone who’s really low who has no judgement at all, that’s when you can fight and argue with an unbeliever. You must NEVER be caught arguing with an unbeliever – else, he would make rubbish of all you’ve been taught. He’s actually looking at your conversation which is judging him, which is supposed to take him to the point of saying: ‘I want to be like you’. Unbelievers can be easily excused. We have expectations from ‘one another’. When they are not met, it’s difficult to love all men.

We feel there are elementary requirements which are supposed to be with us. When we don’t see them with believers, we wonder! On the contrary, God is loving such people without those elementary requirements. God keeps telling me when I get irritated by such people: ‘Love this person. Love covers a multitude of sins”.

I’ve never seen God pack up anyone I decide to pack up. He would say: ‘Forbear this person. Endure this person’. That’s the commandment at every point in time.

When I say: ‘This suffering is too much’, He says: “No! Suffer more!” They want to bring you to where God is. You MUST love!

He will write upon us and teach us. Jesus said to the disciples, “Follow Me and I will MAKE you fishers of men…”

The disciples have been made to an extent and they’ve abounded.

The end of making us increase and abound in love is to make us unblameable in holiness before Him. True holiness is love.

“Our spirit has been created in righteousness…”

Your spirit has been born in love. But your soul is not in agreement with love. There’s still blame in the soul because of darkness and lack of understanding. Ignorance is responsible for the blemishes and stains in the soul.

God wants to establish our hearts in holiness unblameable before God. If our hearts are not established in love and we’ve not been MADE, we’ll be ashamed when we come before Him!

1 Thessalonians 4:9
“Ye yourselves are taught to love one another …

He will teach us. In the process of teaching, we are being changed.  How does He teach? He teaches by instructing and leading; by corrections. We need to be taught.

We don’t know HOW to love by ourselves. “My ways are not your ways; my thoughts are not your thoughts… my thoughts are higher  than yours’.

Love is of God. God is high – you can’t know Love except it is revealed to you. There are some definitions of love you had that fade away when God brings His own definitions. It beats human understanding. We don’t know when to draw the line – but God says: ‘You can still go further’.

All He’s trying to do is to make us like Him.

“He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for His name sake’.

In those instructions, you’ll see the person of God.

When I was a church member, God gave me this instructions: “Serve your pastor” and I was doing it faithfully with all my heart. When I became a pastor, He said: “Serve your brethren”. I wondered: “Serve again? When will I be served?”

It’s not about you or the position you’re occupying. It’s about the law operational at every point in time. ***Love serves at any point in time.

He needs to come and instruct us and lead us. He needs to even show and teach and tutor you how to go about the service.

“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples…”

At the end of the training, what the disciples will discover is that He is love.

“Learn of me, you’ll find rest for your souls’.

This is what will take us to that rest we’ve been taking about.

“There remaineth a rest unto the people of God…” (Hebrews 4). God is interested in making and raising a being of love. He will MAKE us! Even the ‘doing’ has to be taught: He’s not just interested in us just doing. You must walk in that stage of ‘deeds’ and perfect that deed before you move to ‘love in truth’.

Some souls are funny. They would bypass the ‘love in deeds’ and jump the gun, claiming to have passed that stage and hasten to ‘love in truth’.

Pastor Kayode Oyegoke was teaching a soul of ‘the white stone’ in the book of Revelation and he said: ‘I have the white stone already’; yet his life was in disarray. Pastor couldn’t proceed with the revelations again. Let’s not be like such souls who would just take one position of dodging truth and moving on.

Some commandments demand so much of our lives at once – it can even make you hate God. He collects your life gradually with those instructions – instructions are to take your life gradually.

I need to be taught how to lay my life down. By instruction, I lay it down gradually till I become who He wants me to be.

Lord, make me love. Write Your laws in my mind and my heart. Teach me. I need to be taught. I don’t know how to love. I’m limited. I’m still ignorant. Your light will chase my darkness away. As You’re making me, I will yield to love. Make me that man that will make me love as You love.

The gospel is the gospel of love. The gospel makes you a being of love. The secret of life and immortality is love.

I want to become that man who can lay hs life down for the brethren. Our lives are precious to us because we’ve not known Him yet.

I want to be made! God is able to make us – pray that our love will increase and abound. We GROW in LOVE – we don’t just suddenly jump into love. We grow and abound.
From today, I want to be able to forbear more than what I’ve been forbearing before. Teach me how to love Abba Father. He who is love should teach me how to love.
Thank You Lord Jesus.

Pastor Moses Rounding off:
Some minds can say: “These things are so high. I won’t take any more. These things don’t concern me” – but God has blessed Mummy Helen with a dimension that when she ministers, you’d discover that you know where you stand.
The grace from her makes you to take ownership of these things and live them out. We thank God!

***Message ends***