Speaker 4: Pastor Bodunrin

You’re the shining light in the midst of darkness; You give beauty in the place of ashes. You’re the potter – who can remove the impurity? You’ve come to destroy every work of the devil. That which has caused limitation, impaired and hindered – the porter has come to remove the death in the pit.

By the reason of His face and the communications of His face, He makes all things new; He strengthens that which remains. The son of Man has come that we might have life; He has come so that where there has been death, He has come to give us life. Even as His face is being communicated to us by His angels; We thank You our God.

Of a truth, the kingdom of this world shall be the kingdom of our God and His Christ. That which has been taken will be recovered; the speaking of He who is in heaven will bring forth life.

1 Corinthians15:55
“O death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?”

Death has been taken up by He Who is the way, the truth and the life; death is swallowed up in victory. Even by our faith, we will walk by and abide in the Father.

Speak to us Holy One of Israel, Good Shepherd of Israel; the Father’s image and glory – that we might receive that which will make us abide. There standeth an open door – for by this we know we’ve crossed from death to life.

Speak to us You who speaks from the heavenlies; speak to us.

Tongues and Interpretation 1:
It is here I’m putting death to an end. It is here that I will put to end the reign of death; even the reign of sin over My church. I’ll cause you to come into love which is the bond of perfection – which is the fullness of life and full expression of My life. You’ll come into love and be separated from sin. You’ll come into love and you’ll stay in love!

In love, things are judged; sin is judged. My love is a separation. My love is a proof of the fact you’ve been joined to Me. Didn’t I say: “By this shall all men know you’re my disciples if ye have love for one another”? Because you’ve come into My life and love, all creatures will know that you are Mine.

Love is a working, Love is an operation, Love is a force and Love is powerful. Love is an operation at work in Me that puts an end to all that’s not consistent with Love.

Tongues and Interpretation 2:
This is the promise of the Father – even life which is light!. This is the promise of the Father to the sons of men – that you’ll come into life, the life which is light. You’ll come into My light, It’s a promise that Elyon has promised – a promise which He’s promised even before the world began and has sworn that man will inherit God. He’s sworn that man will come into His fullness.
Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man of God!

Tongues and Interpretation 3:
I will cause light to come upon you – even light from the dimension of love to shine on you. Yea, it will shine upon your hearts and it will recreate your heart. There will be a recreation in your heart. I’m the creator, I can create; I can create. I’m causing light of love to come upon you. Light will recreate your heart and your heart will be fashioned by light. You will flow as I flow, you will endure as I endure, you will be patient as I am patient and meek as I am meek. You’ll be lowly as I am, and you’ll be large as I am. I will cause My light to recreate your heart. Oh, let Me recreate your heart. Don’t close our heart from Me; let Me recreate your heart and you’ll be free, saith the Lord!
Thank You Jesus!

Tongues and Interpretation 4:
This is a conversation of life – a fellowship of light and love. This is the fellowship of love. You’ve come to the fellowship of light an love; the conversation of light and love.

I’ve brought you to the full of light and love. There’s no darkness in it. Darkness isn’t there; darkness is not there. Darkness is done away with; darkness is removed – it can’t stand there. It’s a conversation of God!

Tongues and Interpretation 5:
Behold, I’ve set before you a door – an open door. Behold, I’ve set before you an open door – even in this meeting, I’ve brought before you an open door. It’s a door of strength, Grace and help; an open door set before you. It’s an open door. Here, you have an open door, here, I’m giving you an open door. Today, you have an open door set before you, come in! Go through that door. Come in, saith the Spirit of God. Come in and go through that door set before you for I’m granting you access to My life – The things in Me are what is in the door. Go in and hesitate not. Go in!

Take heed, take heed to My word. Take heed to the things I say to you- to what you’re hearing now. Take heed, take heed; take heed and go in.

Pastor Moses Rounding off:
I want to sound a warning to us. When tongues and interpretations are coming, there’s a way some of us disconnect – we often say in our hearts that “when they finish, the speaker will preach”. Pastor Bodunrin didn’t even say anything, he was only praying: “Lord, speak to us” and the Lord has spoken to us. If you were just waiting for the prophecy to end so that you’ll hear the message, then you must have missed out. It wasn’t Pastor Emeka that was speaking; It’s prophecy through the Spirit.

If there’s a need to repent so the Lord will have mercy on us, let’s do.

***Message ends***