Gants Hill PM (13/05/2015)
Reverend Kayode Oyegoke ministering:

1 John 1:5 – 10
; 1 John 2:6 – 8

That truth commandment there is light, light is shining!

The light that is shining is the true light, which is in God and that is the message. The message is that he is light and in him theres no darkness. Why that kind of message? Its for knowing the true light, its difficult to know the true light. The Apostle is trying to differentiate between darkness and light. Darkness is acceptable here and men have taken it for the light, and we even think its God.

There’s a way satan has arranged this darkness to be a source of living, so the Apostle has to right foundational truth; please theres a difference between light and darkness, they can never dwell together.

Satan made light, and that light is sin its good, it “seemeth good”, when you hear something good, its useful it can be profitable. You can rest on it, thats what the adversary made, its not easy to go against it because he doesn’t want you to touch it. For a long time human beings are convinced that this is the way of life. So you see light is what continues a city.

Anytime true light is shining or  source of true light is coming,  they are together so anytime I’m teaching the light that is in Him ,anytime that light comes, that light has no sin. It doesn’t show the way of sin; It doesn’t give men understanding of sin; Sin too has light; To understand sin is to know sin; To know sin is to depend on sin for Iife.

Immediately you are seeing sin, you will be strong to do service in sin. When light is coming education for sin is being propagated. I’m talking of the light that’s makes me to know sin; There’s two ways you can know sin; You’re knowing sin now but you knew it before.

Jesus knew sin through God’s knowledge , but we knew sin for existence, the current passed through us.  I can also know sin from afar, I see it yet I’m not touched by it.  God said ‘man has known good and evil’ (Genesis 3:22). Yes, it was by a wrong teaching; a wrong conception about good and evil.  Sin operates that way knowing good and evil, to give a man a sense of ‘just’; ‘I know whats good and I know what’s bad’.

Man has taken a virus that’s making him manifest a sense of ‘just’.  Jesus knew sin but not in the way of how we know sin. We trusted sin and used it for life; When they want to take it away it’s difficult for us to take another thing.  It is beyond adultery, have you ever seen anyone trumple adultery? Sin is also a form of alliance like faith , evidence of things not seen.  Anytime faith comes confidence comes, power of reliability.  So sin came with its formula of living that provided its formula for life. What God wants to stop is the method of using, the ability to use sin to live.

A form of light, is having intelligence to go through life. When the man gives testimony in church he’s not giving glory to God – I’ve seen it before.  People celebrate success and yet it’s not success.  That thing somewhere in his heart, he’s celebrating his glory in the church; Showing his success; The conviction of wanting to be something is sin.

Even pastors give testimony about prosperity ‘o boy people and money dey o’. In Yoruba language they used to say money is  the bicycle of the gospel; But you know we shouldn’t place money above God’s word; So you see satan communicates life from the knowledge of good and evil.

When you have knowledge you become strong; We have become strong because we have partaken from the law of death and the law is the light of sin; When I know sin I can be strong in it, the higher your knowledge the more stronger you are in it.  So its not easy to break some people who are strong in sin.  There can never be breaking from sin, if God isn’t bringing the light which separates me from sin; Sin teaches one thing, sin unwinds faith out of you.  The more of sin power you have the more faithlessness you are – It weakens you.

Isaiah 14:12

How did he weaken the nations ? Through the knowledge of sin.  Instead of men being strong in the Lord they’re strong in sin, you can never be strong in the Lord and the power of his might if you’re strong in sin.

Revelation 12:7 – 10

Can you tell me what will cast Lucifer down ? It’ll be knowledge of the glory of God  covering the earth, then he’ll fall.  When you teach the knowledge of God it confronts sin, when I know God I’ll know good and evil, the way I should know it.  The way God sees it, i’ll see it too.  Deception is strength; Its by the light of the knowledge of good and evil; Satan gave a supply of light to man so mankind can use that light to live, as man used it he began to die. He progressed in it and become weakened,

John said God is light and in him is no darkness at all. So the very light man is using right now is foreign type of light. Why did they call the church a holy temple.  The church should be powerful enough to strip darkness and give life.

This nation is a satellite of wrong light , the nation is in the air , all the souls are watching the city and use it as light.  It’s imprinted in the mind, God is saying this light is smiting you so you need to be sealed against the light by illuminating your inside with original light. The light in this nation is a mixture of light , you can begin to tell a people by the light that is shining in them.  People used to be kind but now people are viscious they are straying away from the gospel they don’t want to hear it.  Sin trains the soul to be fearless.
The Bible says in the last days men shall be obedient.  They dont tell you disobey your parents, but they show you something about yourself.  They do it deliberately , some class of people in the society have access to power. What are they looking for ? The profitability of sin; Sin wanted to discover something.  The power of invention is in self will and self discovery; sin is also lying to them that you need some kids who’ll be daring.  To make them daring you unleash them.  So when a parent  beats their child ,this nation says that  you are hindering them from their potential; And they are bringing it gradually to Nigeria and Africa.

A child shouldn’t be able to stand tall and talk , he should fear;  Fear guides the soul from going into death; Sin takes out Fear. When you say you’re dealing with stubbornness in a child you’re dealing with wrong light.  They have unleashed them to wrong light. So when you’re talking to them you have to be a spirit.

Are you seeing light of professions , that are being introduced to generations that are about to come.  They are filling them with light of this world.  Azuka, your daughter Chiamaka should know revelation from the age 5.

  The imprint of darkness in the soul is the presence of sin. You need light to flush it out the reason why I’m born again is to obey God.

When I walk in the light of the Father something happens to darkness. The darkness that is coming from me as a result of sin was the wisdom of living, it’s sin that’s teaching that;.God is saying you can’t continue like this.  Obedience is to submit, its a sacrifice of the soul; It’s the sacrifice I need to make in the spirit to be free from sin; I need obedience.  Obedience is a response to faith in the direction of light. Knowledge is strength, despite my strength in darkness I recoil because I have faith; That’s why God loves faith; You recoil. When you entrust yourself in God you have obeyed.

When you now obey , as you submit to obedience you walk in the light. That’s the faith of the son, so we walk by faith not by sight. You don’t have eyes yet you’re doing something.  As you walk, eyes begin to open more and more.

For each light being given to me, for each obedience I take ,my eyes open.  They will now remove my sin, its one sin but inside that one sin there are levels for each sin is actually a man.  They call the anti Christ the man of sin; but when you beat and break it down its called sin.

So if Satan sees you now , he’ll tell you Jesus Christ, is anti Christ to him.  How many of you know that Satan too before he fell was Christ. ‘Thou art the anointed cherub’; They where there the anointed ones;Bearers of oil; Meaning these guys are Christ.  They have oil to govern things , Lucifer was a bearer of light. Satan made another light for civilisation he did it in himself ,then he gave birth to it. 

So anybody that virus eats becomes his child  he gave birth to man.  It fell on some angels also received it that was their sin  he became their God. There must have been promises. They left they’re first estate ,meaning they wanted to move to higher ones, Satan said ‘I’ll move higher’. ” I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north”(Isaiah 14:13).

The darkness they fell into was a darkness that was inside them.  God opened their darkness so they can never be free from it. There’s what is called height  and depth, God through hell down which is bottomless pit; They where entrapped there. God in the beginning created height and depth the depth wasn’t useful until Lucifer fell. Lucifer then ascended from hell he knew man has been made and said I must tempt him too.

Hell was now brought to earth; Because sin came from hell; You know that tree of good and evil was a seed of hell planted on earth;That’s why Jesus had to go to the pit. So God now raised the son from hell, Satan’s boat was hell and God moved his son from hell so the jaws of hell will break down.  Jesus actually swallowed hell; Hell was Jesus’s first pulpit and Satan couldn’t do nothing , spirits where released.  Jesus dealt with our problem from the root. He unplugged it fro the root ,he became sin himself and now he is sitting on the right hand side of the majesty on high.  Hell can no longer brag, Jesus has the keys to hell.

As I’m teaching you ,we are unlocking death in you by sight and revelation. When you unveil Christ you lock sin, keys of hell and death aren’t in Satan’s hands.  Satan can only blind you.  There where some kind of Christ but not The Christ, that’s what he wanted to become. Isaiah 14:12-13.

He wanted to be the image of God; The door to image is likeness. ‘If I can be like God, I’ll be him’. So he created sin philosophy; The only thing that can break the stature is the son; It’ll take obedience to unlock sin because sin came by obeying; It was taught on levels of measures upon measures; Satan advertised it very well. You’ll see Satan’s weakness in the face of revelation and knowing God. 

When you obey you’re worthy of the blood of Jesus; When you want to have grace be obedient; The Father is saying the blood is yours and it’s precious ,you get it as you come to the light.  It’s the Father that is flowing in the son.  How do I access blood ? Walk as Jesus walked! Do you know you’re very close to the blood. If the blood of an animal saved the children of Israel what more Jesus’s blood. Obedience is responding to life even with your little strength.

The blood goes to your life , its life for life, it takes away your life. That blood is reproducing in you evidence ,understanding of a light you’ll see the light.  When you do obedience it produces more life , it takes away and puts another. When someone’s sin has been taken away , this one can enter into the kingdom.  Then light goes for death, sins senior master , he’s the brother of sin and the answer to it is just keep the blood available at a higher quality. 

In each of the blood life are wisdom of faith. Faith to faith – blood to blood.  After a while, the genetics of the blood increases its potency beyond what faith is.  They begin to teach me how to lose my life; Like Abraham who waited for Isaac and then instructed to sacrifice Isaac. Abrahams sin was “I want Isaac in the same way of getting Ishmael” then Abraham waited and he’s sins where taken from him.

You won’t see the mountain of moriah until your sins are forgiven. Lucifer used to worship there, the thing we are dealing with is high.  God wants you to experience, its even love that’s allowing us to experience it. That mountain is called the mountain of the Lord. So when light comes and you obey light of that height you begin to go up.  You still need the blood for the death of that other life. God is taking us to a place where we will be completely dead to the world and the Dragon; A man the Dragon cant tempt is a dead man.

The soul has done and done righteousness and its has been born; What the soul does is what births it, Satan birthed the soul by doing and God is doing the same now; Soul that are born of God is one;.A time will come when you’ll be with God. The way Holy Ghost was with God the way the Word was with God.  Just like it’s written the city was coming from God out heaven its been with God.

John 14:3

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”

It’s not going to heaven, Jesus said I’ll come and take you to be with me,there are three sealings in this chapter – “the comforter a lot of people received that him, a little while you won’t see me, if you love me you’ll keep my commandment and I’ll bring the Father”.It’s one thing for him to be in you , but there’s something about him being with you. Let’s begin to pray.

*** Message Ends***