Gants Hill PM (8/5/15) 

Reverend Kayode Oyegoke – Oracles of God

Our Father we thank you for tonight;  We approach the throne of righteuosness; Thank you Father for forgiving all our trespasses; Thank you for giving us access into your presence in Jesus name. Amen!

Hebrews 5:1-9; 1:14; 2:3-10

Psalm 132:15-18 ; 132:8-9

Meaning they cannot inherit salvation except he who has been made perfect and has became the author of eternal salvation, brings them to salvation. So for sons to come to glory they need salvation, they cannot come into glory until they’re saved; perfect through suffering He wants to make them perfect through sufferings. I cannot come into glory except I’ve been saved that’s why my salvation is an inheritance; I cannot inherit it without my captain (Jesus), somebody needs to help me; The author of the eternal salvation has to bring me in. 

Hebrew 7:24 – 25

I will be saved to the highest ; I’ll receive the highest salvation that’s the uttermost.  Before I can say I’m saved to the uttermost, I must be seen coming to God; Anyone whose not willing to come to God isn’t willing to be saved; Coming to God is what makes me attain salvation. The intercession is interceding for your salvation; You cant separate salvation from the priest; Salvation is glorious.

Hebrews 2:6-10

You know we had pushed new birth, thank God the man is saved but God is saying the language and meaning of salvation is more than just escaping hell; The reason for salvation is for me to come into honour and then glory. When I mean it’s a place of honour I’m talking of name and also a tie to glory; The priestly ministry is honourable and glorious.  

Hebrews 5:5 

At Jordan the Father said “thou art my son” twice, Jesus received honour and glory when God said that. This Hebrews 5:5 is  that opened door to Jesus’s priestly ministry.  Anytime Jesus say ‘you’re a son’ he saying to you, you’ve received honour and glory.  

Hebrew 5:6 – 8 

Those who obey him will be clothed with salvation.  It’s by hearing him then you obey; You come to glory by hearing His voice.  A whole lot of things are here that have covered the glory; Many ministers are interested in what they want to do for God not what can be done in them; That’s not all our walk, our walk is what is to be done in us. So God also wants to say to  ‘thou art my son’.  The Son obeyed the father, so many sons ought to obey the Son to be able to be clothed with salvation. No one can save except he is saved; What Jesus taught was what he did; What he began to speak according to Hebrews 2 was this ‘so great salvation’. By doing he was raised then he went on to teach; He learnt further when he became a Son and obeyed until he sat.  Now he doesn’t just teach, he can now save because without that seat he cannot save many; The power of what he’s speaking is at the seat.  

Hebrew 5:8-12

A priest is who he is saved, there’s no priestly garment without salvation.  The salvation itself is the clothing of the priest. The word cloth means change, to change my raiment.  If your soul hasn’t changed and become saved you won’t be a priest.  So God wants priests. Clothing means covering, meaning you’re now totally clothed with righteousness. 

Psalm 132:15

I will abundantly bless her provision: I will satisfy her poor with bread.

You can’t be a priest when you’re not poor inside. Change my raiment that raiment is a covering; Your covering covers your nakedness so He’ll have to expose you.  Certain messages don’t remove our coverings but God can see you’re still dirty.  True change of raiment comes when God begins to change your inside; The garment is on you by your will; When God is about to touch it you fight the change. That’s why it’ll take the meek to be corrected. So when God is correcting, youre changing the other raiment.  I’m wondering why would bread lead to raiment.  Bread is the will of God, it’s the meal that corrects the way and how; A result of a lifestyle; What I’m wearing is tied to how I eat, what I eat is tied to how I live, which is what I’m wearing; I don’t think along the line of being saved.   

I don’t have the things that save so I’m not good because I don’t have good things.  It’ll take meekness to affect my reasoning/understanding that God wants to take away; When God wants to change our raiment he’s changing how we look.  What we eat and how we look; We fashion ourselves by how we live; When Gods will becomes your life, another garment is sewn which is salvation; When you’re being saved you come into being an honourable man. Before you used to cover yourself by your power , you didnt trust me to be your covering; God is our covering; When he brings good thoughts to me I’ll learn how to think; He’ll knock off my judgement. 

Psalm 25:8-9

So the sinners that can be taught this way are the meek ones – poor ones. Giving me bread is teaching me; “Satisfy the poor with bread” means teaching me his ways;  When I’m being taught his ways it means I’m being guided from the life  of destruction.  Those who are have gone away must be taught the way. So Jesus was taught the way to be the way so he can now communicate the way. 

Hebrews5:9 – 12

The saving of the soul turns it into a priest. It’ll take a saved soul to take all those who are out of the way. The curriculum of priest is God’s oracles.  No one will become a priest except he has been taught the oracles of God; A priest is a tower of salvation; A priest is who has acquired all salvation; The amount of your salvation is the grade of your glory.  

“He shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver” (Malachi 3:3).There’s a redemption quality of silver and another of gold. He’s talking about holy place and most holy place. You’re passing through fire the fire is saving you. Even the fire of needs is part of it. The trial is absolutely necessary where satan hides are in those legitimates. They’ll try you with what you love.  You cannot be a priest unless you come into the oracles of God.  

All those things that the church is handling is comfortable for the flesh. So the Hebrews church went into the oracles they became teachers, instead of going into depth they wanted to withdraw.  When God is teaching the oracles he’s committing and giving you the responsibility of the oracles. So if you leave it you have lost your inheritance. 

Romans 9:1-4

There two covenants – faith and love. They are the good word of God and the perfect word of God. 

Acts 7:38

The lively oracles where the tablets of stone; Lively oracles were given into their hearts , the original one came when the Son came.  When the Son came he was using the law of the prophets to teach.  The Son could interpret it; God also through the testimony of Jesus has committed unto us the lively oracles. 

Romans 5:12

The oracles can’t stay where darkness stays, its life principles of life. So God is writing it in your heart; Its something you should hold and lay hold of.  A priest can’t be made without those oracles. What the oracles speaks is what turns you into a priest. So when I begin my learning I need milk to move into that oracle that I may begin to receive the teachings I am learning obedience.  I’m gaining obedience and the more of obedience I learn disobedience is departing.  Disobedience is the acquisition of dark oracles. 

 Every human being is a kind of priest in our nature so when God comes to put his oracles he’ll come and put it into where the other one stays. I hear the oracles by hearing the voice of his Son; They speak according to God’s judgement; When God is saying he’s oracle his speaking his righteousness – unveiling it to me. So for me to be upright I need to hear righteousness over and over because the oracles have its method it’s corrective in nature.  A priest has the oracle in him, he too inherits the oracle and speaks as the oracle.  All of them who have become saved, speak the same language as their faither.  

The pattern for priesthood is in the meal of the oracle; God can’t raise priests if they aren’t taught.  For the fact that you aren’t seeing physical water that doesn’t mean that there’s no water, it speaks of the unseen that are far more real and enduring.The oracles of God is how God trains priests;  You must have loved righteousness, when the oracles speaks its demanding of you love  righteousness and hate for iniquity. I can’t be a keeper of the oracles with the evil heart of unbelief. The oracles is an enemy of sin; It wants to give me life more abundantly.

Th word of righteousness isn’t letter, it’s a course that is in God; No one will know God without being separated; The word of righteousness is in the spirit the bible is the letter of it. You’re to see it in the spirit; Don’t let it depart from your eyes they’re life to those who find them; It’s from righteousness to another “there in is revealed from faith to faith” (Romans 1:17). 

It’s the faith life that seperates me and make me a priest. After it has saved me ill now begin to gain skill after skill. That God has been using from past ages; Because it has saved you, you can now use it to save others. When Jesus was speaking parables it was the oracles talking.  

The Oracle demand that the Son dies and how He’ll fully come into inheritance of what the oracle can do. The oracle itself is that mystery of how God lives how he abides; It’s the order of eternity; No one learns the oracle and remains a sinner.  When the Oracle is in you you’ll see what is good and what is evil. I cannot judge evil when I don’t have age, I must develop senses of righteousness; The oracles are to teach my soul how to judge. 


The kingdom’s It’s righteousness – are the oracles. Another word for the oracles is the reconciliation which makes us the righteousness of God; We have to be made, as he was made sin for us to be made. Today the nation’s are sin city but God wants to raise righteousness city, those who have the crown of righteousness are those with crown of the city.  Righteousness of God is actually the teachings of resurrection it’s raising from the dead as you hear , those who are raised are priests they’re statures of resurrection. 

The first manifestations of resurrection we saw was when Jesus was raised from the dead. How righteous I am is because I solved  the problem of death. Our problem is death and I destroyed it by my rightness; So righteousness is what God did, your own righteousness can’t talk in the face of death because you can’t solve it; So all that you have is filthy rug.  To believe is to raise my spirit from the dead, knowing is raising my soul – my soul is understanding it. I’ll begin to have insight and partake of the resurrection from the dead. 

That thought of death is a thought from a god who fell; so you need to have stature of resurrection. “That I might know him and the power of his resurrection” (Philippians 3:10). You’ll now know the evidence of righteousness, thats what I need to enter in; Its entrance! 

***Message ends***