Ministers Conference (27/4/15) Ithaca House

Reverend Kayode Oyegoke ministering:

Revelation 1:1- 6

I love the word ‘kings and priests unto God’ , ‘his God and father’. Jesus is the model, a witness of the Fathers intent for mankind , he’s the first begotten of the dead.

Philippians 3:1-8

Beware of dogs people who mind earthly things; Dogs are evil fellows. These Dogs are Christians who’ve not agreed with the life that’s in God. They’re all kinds of dogs; So it is in the natural as is it in the spirit.  God is saying we should be careful of dogs ,these are men who carry on the nature of dogs; They do evil because of unbelief.

Revelation 21:8 , 22:15

First a dog must be, he was who has capacity to murder eternal life and when God has given you every conviction for your soul, yet you murder that spiritual baby; Some people ignorantly abort this baby, but God will have mercy; The first baby you should carry is Christ. A baby formed in you by the holy ghost; He’s  the hope of glory we are to carry that baby until it’s born. Some men love their life because of their selfish ambition; You should carry your baby with fear – imagine pregnant mothers. It’s not easy to carry Jesus, but the murderers are they who murder the son of God despite of spiritual evidence; They’re fearful and another life has them; A dog will not carry his baby;The dogs are the unbelieving; Mostly dogs that troubled Paul were Jewish ministers. 

Philippians 3:1-8

Anyone who trusts grass glory is having confidence in the flesh; When you talk about the flesh and downplay Jesus that message can abort the baby; A man must lose the flesh glory;That’s what the church has now, we must not have that Babylonian garment. ‘I’ll enter into his courts with praise” (Psalm 100:4). We must bring praise to God; It shouldn’t just be the song, we must become praise! It’s a priestly honour to give thanksgiving; It’s actually a holy language.  Anytime they bake the offering its thanks giving. Check it when you see bread in the old testament it means ‘it’s done’; That bread finalise the offering; Only the bread of the flesh; Only the priest enter the people stay outside; Entrance into God’s presence is Christ; He is our thanksgiving. 

You know Jesus is the bread that came down from heaven meaning ‘it’s done’; So when you enter with thanksgiving into his presence you’re becoming done – finished!


I needed to be in Christ, I’m not yet found in him; My spirit is found in him but Paul is talking about his soul not having his own righteousness;  You know when you get born again that active being is saved but yet it needs to be found; Even though the spirit of the believer is born but there’s certain contrary things your soul likes.  When they train the soul you won’t be carnal.


Some identities are still written somewhere, that’s a configuration that makes you a professional here on earth; What swallows a man is the confidence in the flesh; It’ll take an awakening from slumber for him to be raised up.  How many places did Paul dwell in before he met Christ? ‘Hebrew of Hebrews, Pharisee’ all those things are graveyards; that was his carnal cv.

No matter how stocked you are in your fleshy confidence, you need to be uprooted; You won’t know cause the thing is hiding somewhere; This is a mountain where they’ll destroy such things, there won’t be tribal things. Natural remedies can’t take out those things , they’re from the world of darkness. When men where building the tower of babel and God confused them by other languages, Satan handed them over to fallen cultures and tribes; another tribe another nation. 

God wants to raise you above tribalism, when you see colour you’ll grow behind it; These are things that need to be broken; If God tells you to marry a short man with a big mighty head you should be ready for anything look beyond it; ‘God is a spirit’  (John 4:24), he’s not a Samaritan, those who worship shall do it in spirit and in truth. 


There’s something about the death and life of Jesus; There’s a wisdom in sufferings and wisdom in dying; The benefits of death Jesus can translate it into another energy; God can manufacture that death in many ways , you’ll be in your house dying, you’ll go to hell and you resurrect; God can program sufferings and hand them to you. 

2Timothy 2:12 

“If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us”

Philippians 3:9 – 13

I’ve not attained yet – I havent yet suffered; The sufferings is training in the spirit; The language of sufferings is not poverty; Some people study and study just to have educational  crown; God can make a man just do something as soft and simple as cooking for a woman and he will refuse to do it; The things we hate, he’ll use to train us.

Philippians 3:13-16

Have you seen what Paul wants to attain; he wants to attain the resurrection of the dead; He has wants to attain it while he’s alive. Can I learn the resurrection of the dead? There’s resurrection of the dead,it’s different from the dead; from the dead is new birth and of the dead speaks first of all of the last day when God by his power will raise people from the dead, but Paul is talking about the resurrection that which is of the dead comes from the dead, after the resurrection of the spirit there remains another, my soul then my body.  Raising my body up is what all Christians know. The of the dead hear that Paul is talking about is of the price; In the last day when God raises us up, we won’t have the same level of attainment and the level of the body, what will define that is the price.  

We need to learn the technology of how the dead are being raised; Even though everyone body will be raised but not all will carry the same level; So the first man who was taken from the dead was Jesus; The first begotten of the dead;  Jesus didn’t only partake of the dead in his body, he also partook of the dead in the soul.  Paul was saying I need to do my suffering, it determines my future that will be my cv in of the dead.  Of the dead , which is resurrection of the soul. When we are all raised you won’t need a car you won’t live in this world you’ll come into the world-to-come; Where we are living now is the dead we use graveyard mentality.

When Egyptian kings die they bury them with their riches, that’s a death conversation. For any man to be right with God you I must be  alive; The day you begin to obey faith – you’re being raised; It means I need to carry out resurrection instructions fully then I’ll attain a high level of life. You’ll come into a level as living as those living in the world to come; these are priests. So what determines you isn’t when things for you are constantly being supplied here, they have dressed your graveyards for you. 

Jeremiah 17:5

“Woe is a man who puts his trust in the flesh”

In this nation the graveyards are highly sophisticated; Man is like this, for example  you know when ants look at their anthill and think wow, angels are looking down and laughing at that; If you know how messy God sees this life you’ll weep for the earth; Paul said hat I may know him.  If you want to know how to live; Invest in knowing Christ; A time will come souls will be loosed from their bondages; What will do it is breaking down of strong holds.

2Corinthians 10:4-5

“…mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ”

Power of resurrection is the way your live; All those who live by faith live right; in the dominion of resurrection only Jesus experienced that,Enoch was taken and we are yet to come and experience the resurrection. Resurrection means that the body will die, its not by being taken of chariots of fire; Resurrection victory came out of defeat. If we aren’t seeing. we can’t learn resurrection. The body needs to fall to the soil so a better one can arise; Some bodies won’t fall; If I want to get to the resurrection soul, I ought to go into the resurrection university. It begins from the dead and ends on his throne;  Lesson of righteousness is from faith to faith until man sits on the throne. A man who’s living by faith is walking and using another life to live, any activities in the outer body doesn’t matter; Man can live by another power; May God give you resurrection wisdom! God is not scared of you falling, he likes us to fall, so don’t limit he’s power by wanting to stay as you are. Jonah was swallowed by a fish, that fish is death but the third day he was spat out and became a resurrection minister. 

Tongues and interpretation:

May your minds be open to see that which  is better

May your sight be cleansed 

Sin makes you blind 

When you learn righteousness there’s different means 

Ok I want you to go through the fire and see my power

You won’t get burnt

Enter into me; there many deliverance

***Message ends***