We have two types of seeds
(1). The Corruptible Seed.
(2). The Incorruptible Seed.

When we’re not born again the corruptible seed operated in us. We lived our lifes after that corruptible seed.

That corruptible seed gave us a course, the course of this world was operational in us by that seed.

Course means direction, the corruptible seed gave us a course and directed us by it. Thats why we can find that seed in everyone that is born of a woman.

Even little kids bear that seed. Maybe we can say it was the seed from Eden when man fell. The seed remains in a man except he yield his life to the Lord. Some times I just pity little kids that I see when they bring up that nature from that seed. I just say oh the baby did not understand, is just that seed working in her.

That seed orders our lifes till we are born again. Now when we are born again, we are no longer of that corruptible seed, for there will be a transaction of exchange of seeds, for a seed bears the order of a life or the way a life is been lived by His author. So when we are not born again, we’re authored by that seed but when we give our lifes to God another author has to author it, so a need for transaction of seed, then comes the incorruptible seed.

Each seeds speaks of it author. Corruptible seed is of the devil, remember he sinned from the beginning, he is the father of darkness or liars. He was laid to be corrupt by his way of life. But the incorruptible seed proceeds from God, Who is the Father of light, we live a life according to the order of that seed. You can not live a life higher than the seed you have. You receive a dominance which you yield to by that seed.

That seed, speaks volume to your life, because the power at work speaks from the author of the seed, you get it? You can not live another life until you are saved from it by a higher life and you can not obey any other life except you are saved from it. You receivee command or instruction from it. The author of that seed gives direction to your life thereby walking according to it course.

The incorruptible seed is from the Lord. That seed is capable of making you not to sin at all and to live above sin, remember is called incorruptible seed. It can make you to be tempted of all things and yet without sin, is that seed. Any time you sin is because you’re yielding yourself away from that incorruptible seed, that seed in itself through Whom it was authored has no life to sin in it. Hope you know that seeds is life    and also has life? The incorruptible seed is of God. You know why we still yield to sin? Because what first take us hold was that corruptible seed, and it has his  way of subtleness to make you to still want to partake in that seed. But blessed are you when you yield to that seed of incorruptible and you do not give in to that corruptible seed with all its luring.

The author of every seed gives their very life to it and thats why you can’t live above that life in that seed, because they authored it. The highest is to come to that same level of that life. Thats why you see men truly walking in the nature of that seed and some to the fullness. God’s life is in that seed, the incorruptible seed. Scriptures tells us that “Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for His SEED REMAINETH in him; and he CANNOT sin, because he is born of God.” 1John 3:9.

Beloved, this above scripture is true, and if by luring you’re lured to sin maybe by your own lust, learn to always return to God and know that “if you sin we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous” 1John 2:1b. Don’t judge that this sounds incomplete, the devil has wiles that men can fall into easily, Rev. Busuyi Olabode said “the devil can do one thing in 50 ways, yet is still the same thing”. This is not to say he is wiser than God but is just to make you guide your loins for “Your enemy the adversary is going about looking for whom he may devour” may he not get you. One thing to do is to pay attention to that seed, is the Holy Ghost!

The Holy Ghost is the seed remember I said, “the seed has a life, just like a equal life of who authored it and you can’t live above that life in the seed” so God has given us all His life, His seed is in us. Lets learn to yield to that seed, the Holy Ghost. Keep walking…

Written by Tope Akinyele