It’s another beautiful week of graceful living. It was great to know that last week was filled with God’s blessing for you and by Faith, we believe that this week will be a better one for you.

I like to share with you something important this week. It’s about the seed.

A seed is a potential tree, and a tree is a product of a seed. All the attributes seen in a tree are first imbedded inside a seed. It is very important to note that every tree is known by it’s fruit and inside it’s fruit is a small tiny easy-to-despise seed that is very important.

With this foundation laid, let me share a scripture with you as we see how important the seed is.

Matthew 13:31-32. “Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.”

1. Every Success starts with an Idea. An Idea in your heart is a seed in your hand.
Think of all the great things we have in this world and we can trace them to an idea. Ideas are seeds for to birth the future. Many ideas look silly, weak and foolish but at the end, they become so great that it becomes hard to imagine a life without them. Many of us wake up with ideas but we let them die or slip away because they are still in seed form. We cannot see the desired future in them so we let them die. A dead idea is not productive just like a seed not planted but allowed to die becomes useless.

Lesson 1: Never despise any idea however small it is.

2. Take and Plant the seed.
The seed isn’t something that brings immediate desired result. You need to first plant it and allow it to grow. Many of us think of an idea and because it cannot produce immediate result, we let it slip out of our hands. Planting takes time and effort. You need to first plow and till the ground, make ridges, put the seed into the ground, water the seed and the ground, from time to time weed the surround, and most importantly watch over the growth of the plant. It takes a whole lot of process. So also, it is required of us to consciously plant the idea on good grounds and make all efforts until it grows into the desired tree.

Lesson 2: A seed planted is better than a seed pocketed. 

3. The seed must be deliberately grown.
Much more than just planting the seed, you are required to intentionally grow it. Note that the scripture didn’t say ‘but when it grew…’ but renders it like this “…but when it is grown….” This means it is our responsibility to see that it grows and not just haphazardly but with intentional deliberate consciousness. Many ideas still remain as crude and unrefined as when they were when first conceived. Efforts had not been put into intentionally growing them and watching them grow. If you’re still bigger than your idea, then it means you have not grown it. Your seed must become a tree and I’m yet to see a man who is taller than a tree. Your idea must outgrow you and it takes your conscious efforts. Rather than complain about life, grow your seed till it becomes a tree.

Lesson 3: A well nurtured seed will make a well grown tree.

4. It became the greatest among trees.
There is nothing wrong in becoming the best among many. The only problem is don’t cut corners. Aspiring to be great is not a bad idea, it only becomes evil when we become dare desperate. God wants us to grow our seed (although small) into the greatest of all. Many are content with the small spot they occupy even when there are opportunities to expand to the right and to the left. In all that we do, we must aim for the best not through subtle means or dubious practices but through godly and ethical means. Learn more, research more, seek expert opinion and be ready to learn. If you can, always keep growing.

Lesson 4: That you are the least does not mean you cannot be the greatest.

5. Be a blessing to others.
When the tree was fully grown, it became a source of life and place of abode for the birds. Your life needs to be a blessing to as many as are possible but this may not be possible if you let your idea die without proper nurturing. When you become a blessing, you will sustain generations.

Lesson 5: A blessed man is one who is a blessing to others.

But fortunately and unfortunately, we are all given equal chances. God has given all of us seeds but we use them differently.

“For as the rain cometh down, … it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater.” Isaiah 55:10.

Rather than plant, many prefer to eat up the seed and once the seed is eaten, it cannot bring more. People throw away there seed because of immediate gain and so the lose the future blessing. Don’t eat all of your seed today. Sow them and you will reap and hundred fold. Remember, “they that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”

God bless you. Have a blessed week.