They say they know God, but His identity is strange to them.

They say they hear God, yet His voice is strange to their ears.

They say they love God, though in their lips they call Him Lord, yet they despise Him in their heart and acts.

They said they obey His instructions, but truly they obey not His voice. The voice they obey is a stranger’s voice.

They say the counsel of God alone they will follow, but by their ways, they cancel out His counsel.

They said they want to move closer to God, their quest take them away far from God.

They say God has given them liberty, yet they live in licentiousness.

They say they are not under the Law but under Grace, yet really they live gracefully in lawlessness.

They say they are born again, yet it’s hard to tell whether they are not born against.

They say they seek the kingdom of God yet live by the principle of the Hell.

They call God their Lord, but really they care not about His Lordship.

I can but only advice that we step back a little as see the choices we make. Really, what you say must correspond to who you are.

Preach love, live love; not hate.
Preach righteousness, live righteousness, not sinfulness.
Preach Godliness, live godly, not worldly.

Preach Christ, live Christ.