So many times, we go through certain processes in life and these processes end up defining who we are or who we become.

I remember reading a write up where the writer said “some of us are either coming out of wilderness experience, or we are just going into it or that we will soon go into it.” This struck my heart and since that time,  I’ve found out that this is true.

Recently also, I began to look at people and even at myself to note how we could come out of a process and even when we are out of it, how we could forget or retain the experiences of the process we went through.

This drew my heart to the scripture that spoke about a person that hears the word but is not a doer of the word (James 1:23-24). “…forgeting what manner of man he was….” is the point. That means there is the need for us to remember or keep in mind what we learnt and this also has a link up with someone that has left his first love insomuch that what the person must do according to the book of Revelation is for such to REMEMBER. So we see a great need to remember the process.

Now it is highly important that we remember the process. The reason for the process is because of your destination. Process is usually a way of training, a way to hold on or a test of faith even for use in your destination. We must be careful of every little comfort that we enjoy, be sensitive to yourself then to others but especially first to God. We see this play out in the lives of the children of Israel, when all they went through was to bring them into God but rather their lives or inadequacy of their keeping the process repelled them from attaining unto God.

We must note that the process is actually meant to groom us, to build us up for our destination and in our destination the process you just came out from is still needed.

God does not approve a man that He has not tried. Someone said we must go through the knife of God. This is meant to kill your soul and draw you deeper into God. Do also note that the essence of this process is to birth or bring forth Christ in you. Enjoy your process!

By Tope Akinyele.