To every thing, there is an appropriate season, and an appointed time to every purpose under the heaven.

Times are designed to usher and instruct us into our purposes. The seasons of life changes according to the designs of the Lord.

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease.

One thing we must learn is how to relate with differing times and seasons of our lives. The cloths for rainy season is not the same for sunny seasons. Our attitude in those times also must be commensurate to the times and season.

Whatever you might be going through in life is but for a time and season. Your purpose in life are revealed by the times and seasons of life. Hence, redeem the times. Walk circumspectly.

The times and seasons are changing, it’s time to realign ourselves to fit into the times and seasons over us. We must realign ourselves to fit into what God is about to do and unleash.

The Pharisees failed to leave Moses unto John the Baptist for repentance and baptism, and so the were not qualified to believe and move on to Jesus. John came to prepare the way for Christ but rejecting John was to reject being prepared to receive Jesus, so they lacked the ability to transit into Jesus. John was a bridge linking Moses to Jesus.

Don’t miss the times and seasons. All we need is to realign ourselves to God. Love the word and submit yourself to the leading of the spirit. God bless you.