SOS Ajegunle (9th April, 2015).

Charge by Pastor Bodunrin
Let’s muster strength in the Spirit- that the Holy Ghost will give us power and generate life within us; and strengthen us to connect with the Spirit of Grace today.

A particular grace- grace to walk more circumspectly will be delivered today. Let’s connect with that grace that will come through today’s preaching, teaching and prophecies. There’s the need for us not to miss out of one jot.

Where God is taking us to is where our feelings can’t define. There are still some infirmities that beset us now: Not the acts; but the limitations of flesh- things that won’t help us push; and give birth or bring forth the image of Him whom we are beholding.

We are about to look unto Him; and behold Him this afternoon. Because of the limitations caused by our frailty, we find it difficult to push and bring forth. A woman ought to bear; but she cannot if there is no strength to push. The mothers in our midst can relate with this.

There’s a day called the day of the Lord- the time when we bring forth what the seed of the Lord has been communicating to our hearts. If we have no strength to bring forth, we’d be of all men most miserable. We are getting to a place where how we feel and think will no longer define our responses. Let’s pray for unusual strength; for us to be able to bring forth in the day of the Lord. It is time to bring forth another dimension in Christ Jesus.

May we find strength to push to the very end- to the season of appearing. Our minds are tempted to draw back as we approach the season of appearing. As we’ve sung in the hymns, let’s stand up as soldiers who know no foe; and press on till we get the mark; running though and through. There’ll always be a troop to hinder our bringing forth.

There’s a need for us to go through and through to bring forth in this journey. There’s a need to come to where nothing temporal or natural can determine our bringing forth. We ought to press on to our victory; for we’ve been made the savour of our Lord Jesus (2 Cor. 2:14). The only way we can be made this savour is to go beyond the natural (grass). Grass brings forth flower for a season and then dies; but those who have received life will go further and blossom to the end.

“Our help comes from You- Yahweh. On this journey, we look not to the left or right but unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. We’ll fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on eternal life. This is the phase where the dragon comes to snuff out life in us. Yahweh look unto us and bless us with Your strength. Amen.”

We look to Yahweh, Yahweh
Forever Yahweh, Yahweh
We look to Yahweh, Yahweh
Our hope is Yahweh, Yahweh

Hebrews 2:1
“Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.”

There are seasons and periods where the words we’re hearing can slip. “I pray that God, through this meeting, will grant us grace to hold on to the word of life; so it won’t slip. I pray that what we are to hear in today’s meeting will not slip; and would cause a ripple effect for all other words we’ve heard. Amen.”

Ministering: Pastor Emeka Egwuchukwu

“Father we thank you- for none of us will will miss out on today. You will call our hearts back from wherever we have journeyed; to hear the voice of the Son. And we receive mercy-allocation for this morning; In Jesus’s name. Amen.”

I want to continue from tuesday’s teaching; along the line daddy (Rev Kayode) had laid down for us; trusting God that there would be greater unveiling and hence, greater entrance.

Revelation 2:18
“And unto the angel of the church in Thyatira write; These things saith the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass…”

Why am I focusing on Thyatira?- Studying these letters in the book of revelations, I discovered Thyatira stood in the middle of all the letters and had a little bit of what was before and behind. From the letter written to the church in Thyatira, you can touch all other churches.

I also noticed that the epistle to Thyatira was lengthier than those written to the rest of the churches. As I teach this particular letter, I find entrance to the letters written to other churches.

Revelation 2 : 20-23
“Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.”

The Jezebel spirit was peddling a doctrine. Doctrine doesn’t mean theology; it means teaching. If you go to any of these churches John was asked to write to, you won’t find any man named “Nicolaitan”, “Balaam” or “Jezebel”; they are all spirits.

Spirits constantly attack the church. These operations are what Jesus called “the gates of hell”. You won’t see hell physically; neither will you see anything jumping out of her. Just like doors of entrance can be ministered, the Lord being the door, so also are gates. Time to time, the Lord grants entrance to His people. He is the door of entrance, but in the real sense of it, you won’t see the Lord turning into a door physically. Rather, what the Lord speaks of is an ability or an operation of open doors.

The Father has given everything He has to His Son. There is nothing the Father can give to you directly without passing through Jesus. Jesus became the heir of all things (Heb. 1:2). These “all things” refer to all things that are of God. If you meet the Father for any of His things, He will ask you to meet His Son. The Son also became the head of all things for the church (Eph. 1:22). The reason He was made the heir of all things is for the church.

No one can have access into anything of God without being in the church. There is an order. These things (the things of God) are for the church. The things written in the book of revelations are for the church. We all are to serve God. The revelation to servants is for the church. The reason for New birth is for you to be raised to serve God.

We are heirs of the Father and joint-heirs with the Son.

Even though the things of God have been freely given to us, we haven’t yet accessed them; but the Lord, in His wisdom, from time to time, will open up a portal to these blessings which are in heavenly places in Him. These are things that happen in the Spirit. The Lord ministers open doors to us.

Revelation 3:7
“And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth…”

Doors can be shut because it might not be the time for administration of some particular blessings. The Lord has been opening doors for us. How do you know when there’s an open door? You don’t need to have a dream or a vision where you see a door or gate open; with people pressing into it, before you know the Lord has opened a door.

Someone who was just a church goer was sharing a dream with me. In that dream he died; and appeared where he believed to be heaven. He saw big gate and a small gate; and immediately remembered the scripture that says “Narrow is the path that leads to life.” And so he entered through the narrow gate; and woke up.

The truth is: The narrow and the broad gates are all for here (earth). When the Lord says he has set before you an open door, you have to understand what doors are and what it means for them to be opened in the spirit. When a door is opened, understanding begins to stream out. It is the soul that enters through doors. The Lord is the door; and the soul is the sheep (John 10:7-9).

The soul enters through understanding. As understanding is coming, warnings would be coming too; pay attention! How can you escape when you neglect great entrance. There will be a time when a particular door will be open and another time, the same door is shut.

If you are sensitive, you will recognise that a door has been opened in the spirit for the people of God. There are many doors we must enter. The revelations streaming now are what is calling forth souls for an entrance.

When a door is opened, one of the things that will occur are distractions. It is at such times that the adversary stands against us. The adversary doesn’t want you to enter. He knows your entrance is your escape. When you enter, it only means you’ve escaped him more. You are to keep on entering and entering till you’ve fully entered; and then he wouldn’t be able to reach you anymore.

The operation of opening of doors is an operation that makes Lord, from time to time, open an entrance for His people.

You won’t find “Balaam”, “Jezebels” or “Nicolaitans” in the church as human beings; they are teachings streaming from a particular door. These doors are called gates of hell. These gates are operations of the spirit of the antichrist. The purpose of these teachings are to attack the church and stop her entrance.

Even when God opens a door and understanding is flowing, He has to use a man to preach and teach the people the culture for entrance into the door. This comes through the gift or grace of teaching and preaching. While preaching is going on, some things are landing and fleeing- some things are being established.

The doctrines of “Balaam”, “Nicolaitans” and “Jezebel” are streaming from the gates of hell; and they pass through a human being- not one outside the church. These doctrines have to pass through a teacher or a preacher. This thing is fearful.

God makes use of someone in the church, most likely among the five fold, to pass understanding to His people; preaching and teaching entrance to them. The gates of hell are not an exception: Satan makes use of people in the church to preach or teach hellish gates to God’s people; giving them wrong impartation.

Two things happened to Peter: Firstly, a door was opened to him when Christ asked him who he thought he was; and he got an entrance to know that Christ was the Son of God. Also, when Christ said he was going to die, another door opened to Peter; making him refuse Jesus from dying.

Two doors were upon one person. Peter most have been feeling spiritual after the first revelation; being the first to receive the revelation of the person of Christ. However, it was this same Peter Jesus perceived the enemy give a revelation. “I pray God would grant us mercy to be able to discern both doors and allow only His. Amen.”

Ministers are like vessels. Ministers are like radios with their antennae. There are different wavelengths. We have “fm” bands and “am” bands. There are also different stations; all of them speaking at once. Both the gates of hell and those of heaven open at the same time; and antennae can pick any; at anytime.

It is not every time a minister speaks of God. Ministers just amplify what they pick as a wavelength. If a minister picks the revelation of Jesus, he will amplify it; but if he picks the doctrine of Balaam, for example, he will also amplify it. You need to pray for your pastors.

I was ministering somewhere; and I found myself emphasising, “We preach Christ and Him crucified.” I kept saying, “I’m a preacher of Christ. I don’t preach any other thing but Christ.” That is safety!

Someone might ask, “What of those who preach concerning singles and the married.” I don’t have anything against such; it also helps the people; but if you stay in that for too long, you will soon veer off; and then you’ll realise it was not the preaching of Christ.

Someone might say, “I’m called to preach to the singles and married.” If you send me to singles, what I would preach to them is Christ. No one can handle singlehood like Christ. No one can handle marriage like Christ also. Christ is our icon- Our perfect example; but many don’t see anything in Him.

God is not interested in you preaching business so that people get blessed and bring big tithes to church. One day somebody told Reverend that his members are poor because all he teaches them is Christ. Poverty is not a definition in eternal life. Scriptures even say, “Blessed are the poor…” (Matt. 5:3).

What men define as poverty is not what poverty is. Real poverty is poverty in the spirit; and it is a blessed state. Heaven will not give God’s Kingdom to anyone that is not poor in spirit.

I know the person who told Reverend this that I just shared; and at that, I’m not trying to compare though, materially, our congregation is better than his; and we’re also blessed with real substances. By just hearing the things of God, I’m blessed.

We’re talking about the teachings gates of hell began to bring to the church.

The church in Ephesus had the problem of the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. A church like Smyrna had Judaism; but Jesus called those Jews “the synagogues of Satan”.  They are all teachings. Judaism was what was troubling the church in Galatia. Paul fought this spirit. One time, he had to rebuke Peter from giving in. They became people who were not too okay with faith.

I can understand these men a little. If you were a jew, you can fall into the same trap they fell into. If you don’t hold faith with a good conscience, you can shipwreck faith.

How can you just wake up one day and tell the Jews that their tabernacle, temple and sacrifices were no longer needed; and that all is now in Christ. Their fathers served God for the promise of eternal life; but now you say this eternal life is in Jesus Christ. You mean to tell them everything here is done away with. For a priest in Israel, such news will not bring him joy. The “Aaronic” institution was very strong. Imagine telling a priest after the Mosaic covenant that there’s no need for his priestly work again.

Barnabas was from the priestly lineage- under the old covenant; but he continued in the faith; however, not many could. After a while, many others began to go back to Judaism in their hearts. These men departed from the faith and became susceptible to those things which Apostle Paul taught them against. They couldn’t see how Christ could be the sufficiency of all who trust Him or have faith in Him.

All the nations knew there was a God in Israel, and so they envied them and loved to be like them. This made some gentiles follow such teachings that exalt Judaism. Jesus called the teachers of such “synagogues of Satan”. The synagogue is where the law is taught. There is always a copy of the law in all synagogues. Jesus also read scripture in the synagogue.

The Lord is not joking about the issue of faith. I once read in one of Kenneth Hagin’s books that he rebuked a demon and the demon didn’t leave. He did it again and again; after a while, he looked up afar and saw the Lord. The Lord said to him, “It will go in my name.” The Lord said this same thing again and again; until His face changed and Hagin then understood that the Lord was teaching him faith. Hagin then understood that he shouldn’t rebuke demons twice; no matter what it manifests. Hagin then turned again, this time, for the last time, and rebuked that same demon. The demons went on and on displaying; but Hagin ignored it; and the demon left.
Now this is just faith towards God; what about the very faith of God.

God is not joking with faith at all. Anytime you stand against what God is doing you’ve taken sides with Satan.

Now you may ask, “Was it not God that started Judaism?” No! God didn’t start Judaism. God gave the law to Moses; by the hand of an angel. What God wanted was a people for Himself; so that He could begin run His agenda on earth; but they got to a point where they started to do their own. Judaism became an institution with a lot of glories in it- pharisees, sadducees, proselytes e.t.c. These things are sensitive and you won’t really know except you were among.

There were 5 problems the church had to deal with: The doctrine of Balaam, doctrine of Nicolaitans, doctrine of Jezebel, Judaism and Worldliness.

When the Lord said, “I would that you were hot or cold…” (Rev. 3:15), He was referring to worldliness. Satan simply adulterated the revelations needed for God’s people to keep moving.

The seven churches were all churches of revelation. “First works” do not begin until the eyes of your understanding is enlightened. In the first work you will see faith, patience, charity and service. These are the things Satan is attacking. 

Revelation 3:2
“Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God.”

What are the things that remain? They are faith, hope and love. The faith of the church above was about to die and they didn’t know. The church hadn’t worked in all the revelations given to her; which are supposed to help her finish the course of the faith of the Son. If they hadn’t finished the “first works”, how will they enter the “second works”?

“First works” begin when the eyes of your understanding is enlightened. This is when the race begins- when the Lord begins to author your faith. You need to contend earnestly for this faith. When you have finished this course, it will qualify you for entrance into the second. The first work is a product of revelation; and it is only revelation that can attack it.

I hear the Lord say, “I will also raise skillful pastors. For all the 5-fold are also pastors. They all have some degree of shepherdic oversight. I will raise pastors who would be skillful to close gates of hell. (If you’re not careful about how you close some of these doors, you will offend many.) But these men I raise will close these doors by light. Some things you’re hearing as message in the body of Christ will no longer be heard again. There would be nobody to preach such things to: such doors would have been shut.”

Tongues and Interpretations:
I will arise and judge voices. I will arise and judge voices troubling my people. Voices ought not to be heard in the company of the bride. Voices are scattering many in different locations in the spirit. Voices are scattering, wasting and spoiling many. I will shut down these voices. They will give no sound no more. I must speak. I alone will speak. I will speak with thunder in my voice. I will shut them down. I will shout them down. My people will hear me and know my voice. My people will hear me in clear terms; for I will have shut down every other voice that is speaking. My people will hear me.

As I shut these voices down, I will open up doors- Doors of strength, doors of great joy, doors of revelation, doors of understanding and doors of knowledge.Yea, many will enter. There will be much entrance. You will enter quick. You will enter fast. I will judge all that would have hindered you. I will judge all that stops doors. You will enter through doors. You will enter doors and doors; and your entrance will be quick.

Thank you for quick entrance- Lord. Quick entrance is the same as quick understanding. “May you not be dull in the place of understanding.” There are many things the Lord desires to speak; but we can’t receive them now. The Lord will make us faster in grasping whatever they are saying to us.

One of the things the Lord will help us with is the holy unction. It would help us discern. You will just discover you hate some things. This is because God has given you discernment. You need to be sensitive to the spirit and not logical.

For example, Satan told Jesus, “He will give his angels charge over you” but Jesus knew it was a lie; even though it was scripture. The unction will let you know what is wrong. Satan can use scriptures to attack the way of the Lord and what He is doing.

Revelation 2:6
“But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.”

The unction will make you hate what the Lord hates.

Pastor Ken
We need to pray for intense fellowship. The place of fellowship needs to be strong; to increase that holy unction.

“Lord we value your life within. We come to the place where we can utilise that life. We thank you O God. We ask that we will be a people that can grow in discernment. We ask that the beauty of life ahead of us will not be truncated by folly. We align with your life. We will align with heaven to become emerging voices in our days. Voices that can shut down doors of hell. Thank You our Father; we give You praise. Amen.”


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Pastor Emeka is the pastor of the New and Living way Church, Volks, Lagos, Nigeria.