January 2015 Writing the Vision Monthly Feast (17th January, 2015)

The programme of God in believers through the unveiling of Christ is an offshoot of God’s mercy and that is why no man can boast. This work is done in prudence and wisdom for the purpose of finishing God’s work (Eph. 3:11).
There is nothing that is happening to us right now that God is not aware of, because God, according His eternal purpose, has designed us for this season. This programme of God is all about Him; it starts with Him and ends with Him (Phil. 2:13).
We should not count the duration of God’s programme according to natural calendar but by the administration of the allocation of heaven at a particular time by the Spirit. We should not be in a hurry or be discouraged because the end is longer than we think? That is why we must walk by faith and love. Faith and love is the power of God. As children, we have understood power to mean a physical demonstration of power (1Cor. 13:11). That childish understanding we have is what we try to use to understand the gospel, which is the power of God, and this has limited our understanding. What a child calls “power” is not really “the power of God” – Rom. 1:16.
Faith is demonstrated in various degrees and measures, beginning from faith towards God. We need to understand that God loves faith in all its levels of manifestations and whenever He sees faith, He sees a ground that can receive life. A heart exercised in faith can thrust forth into the invisible and believe that which is not seen. There is faith and love at a lower dimension (Eph. 1:15), and there is also faith and love at a higher dimension (Gal. 2:20). The lower faith in Eph. 1:15 was called “faith in the Lord Jesus”, and the love of that lesser faith was described as “love unto all saints”. These faith and love cannot bring us to perfection but are meant to prepare the heart for a higher faith. When someone is operating in faith towards God (faith in the Lord Jesus) and love unto all saints, he has not received the life of God that is in his spirit, in his soul. This is because it is the soul that receives faith, not our human spirit. It is with the heart man believes unto righteousness and it is from the same heart that unbelief springs from. It is “the soul that sinneth shall die” (Eze. 18:20). The soul sins when it refuses the end of faith (1Pet. 1:9) and love measured out to him so as to inherit a higher life. Faith towards God that operates by believing, prepares us for a higher provision of Faith which operates by the opening of the inner eyes. We do not automatically come into this higher dimension, if not, Apostle Paul would not have prayed for the church in Ephesus and Colosse (Eph. 1:15-17, Col. 1:9-11). This prayer is for the soul and not for the spirit. The reason for this is that the life of God is received in the heart by the faith of the Son of God From Eze. 18:20, we can see that the soul dies as a result of not agreeing with the faith and love that brings life. The soul can be nice, believe in supernatural exploits, but as long as the faith of the Son has not been communicated to such a soul, he remains a sinner. What will make you not to sin is because the seed of God is dwelling in you (1Jn 3:9). Many souls do not allow this seed to be planted in them and would rather rest with exploits of faith towards God.
ANY TIME GOD SEES AN ACT OF FAITH IN A MAN, HE IS EXCITED AND WILL BE WAITING FOR THE APPROPRIATE TIME TO BRING A HIGHER FAITH FOR LIFE IN THE SOUL. THIS WILL COME WITH SOME DEMANDS TO RELINQUISH TROPHIES THAT THE LOWER FAITH HAS ACQUIRED AND THAT IS, WHEN YOU BEGIN TO SEE WHAT MAN ACTUALLY IS. In faith towards God, you really do not know men because there is a whole lot of boasting and some works of flesh can thrive without been questioned. It is at the unveiling of a higher faith that the diseases of the
soul will begin to be judged (Ps 103:3). These diseases can escape the light of faith towards God, even use it to thrive and can acquire for the soul pseudo justification.
What God’s life will do is to confront our infirmities because He wants to deposit His life. It is the life of God dwelling in you that will make you abide in the Son and the father. The consistent thought in the epistles is not just what happened to your spirit. It is talking about the administration of God’s life to the soul. The soul is the being that God wants to quicken. The soul is the one that will receive God’s seed. It is the soul that can sin and it is the soul that can do righteousness.
Our level of understanding actually makes us not to know what sin is – “All unrighteousness is sin” (1John 5:7). I used to ask, “What was it that Moses did that made God deny him entrance into the promise land?” What Moses did, when compared to what the children of Israel did, were worlds apart. The children of Israel murmured, they tempted God and did all kinds of things. To them at that level, that was transgression or sin and they got punished for it. Moses never did anything like that, but when little disobedience was found with him, God held it against him. Children cannot commit sins that sons will commit, because God’s things has not been committed into their hands: their inner eyes have not been enlightened. And that is why the sins of Children are different from the sin of sons.
1 John 3:1-2. Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: The love that is being spoken in that passage is the love that sons have come into, and this love is not “love for all the saint” – Eph 1:15, but rather, the love of the father (1Jn. 2:15)
1 John 2:15. Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
It is that love of the Father that God wants to deposit in us to upgrade us from children to sons. Sonship is not in the so called exploits – outward show or childish definition of sonship. It is receiving the love of the Father as the seed that will abide in you and make you not to sin. Such a person will not love the world because the love of the Father is in him. Anyone that does not have the love of the Father is not yet a son. You cannot love the world and be a son. Every one of us that will ever become a son must come out of the world, by the calling of God, for the purification of the soul from the world.
“The world knoweth not us” – 1 John 3:1, is in the same sense whereby a man will know his wife sexually and when this happens, a seed is deposited. When the world has fellowshipped and deposited its seed in a soul, and the seed has been carried to a period of maturity, it will bring forth a son of perdition.
“The world knoweth us not” in 1 John 3:1 can also be put this way, “the world did not impregnate us, and therefore we have kept the teeth of our virginity”. He has helped us in such way that a veil has been created between us and the world such the world cannot penetrate us again. THIS WALL IS THICK AND IS CALLED SONSHIP. You must desire to get to the place where the world cannot find you again. Right now, I cannot say, “The prince of this world cometh and find nothing in me” – John 14:30. There are plenty things that the prince of this world can still find in me, not only as acts but also as thoughts.
In the realm of thought, we flutter and we have forgotten that as a man thinks in his heart so he is. You may not even have done it, but you think about it, and by it, you err, because sin begins from the realm of thought and eventually it comes into action. “The world knoweth us not” is a place for someone who has entered into the love of the Father (1 John 3:1). It is coming fully into the power of God and the faith of the operation of God (Col. 2:10). You will get a place where you will not sin either in thought or in action. It is at this realm that we can declare “The prince of this world comes to me and find nothing in me” (John 14:30).
One of the strength of sons is that they know how to avoid traps of Satan, which children easily stray into – the trap is sinning against life. Right now, we still sin against life because we cannot discern rightly. There are things we get involved with, even with good intentions that are against the law of the Spirit of life. Faith and love is the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. Faith here is not to believe God for things, but I am talking about faith of the operation of God which is called faith of the Son of God. Faith of the Son and the love of the Father are the laws of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.
Something was in Christ Jesus, which limited Him from sinning and that thing operates by faith and love. Sons will not go outside the boundary of faith of the Son and of the love of the Father. They will not disobey commandment that is supposed to guide and keep them within the boundaries of the Spirit of life. They cannot sin against the thing that is in them.
What Satan uses to seduce us away from faith is this world. There is a system that is upon the earth that has fashioned a lifestyle for everyone and it is difficult to relinquish. If you are vigilant in the spirit, you will know it. Your inconsistence in the path of faith and love is a sin, and this is because of our depraved sense of judgment. That is why our judgement has to be raised. Blessed are you if the Spirit of God always helps you to know when you err. Erring here is not committing fornication but sinning against the law of life, and the reason we err is because we are low in discernment.
God has to help us, because our adversary is very crafty. He can accompany you to church and be talking to you even when you are reading Bible. WE HAVE TO LEARN HOW NOT TO LOSE LIFE AND SOME OF THE WAY OF LEARNING THIS IS AVOIDING SOME CONVERSATIONS THAT DRAIN LIFE OUT OF YOU. We need to know the love of the father that passes understanding and that love is not feeling; but dying to this world, its lust and passion.
Bless You!