The more attention we give to the light (the revelation of Christ) that is coming, the more victory we have over distractions. God is giving us much Grace to look more upon Him like we have never witnessed before. As we shun distractions and check our spirits in times of trouble, we will see the joy of the Lord springing forth. We are in for joyful moments ahead of us.
God is speaking – it is our duty to connect to what He is saying at this time and move with the light that is shining. Our prayer this time is to ask the Lord help us tune to heavenly frequency. The devil comes to jam our frequency most of the time so that we can come down to the flesh and not hear what God is saying. Heaven is moving on and there are people who are moving on with heaven. It is my prayer that we will all move on at the frequency of heaven. The Lord is speaking from heaven, heaven is moving and the church is matching. I will take part in the matching group.
The church is matching to glory, honour, and dominion to reign with Christ unto life and immortality to as sons of God (Romans 2:7). This has always been the plan of God, and that is why Jesus died on the cross (2Tim. 1:10). The devil cannot abort this plan because it has already been written and prophesied that sons will arise unto God. We must not allow the devil to abort this great destiny in our lives because that is the reason for the revelation of the Lord that is coming to us. Light, here, is the revealed standard of God which is as high as the earth from the heaven, Isa. 55:8-9. As we journey further into light, the standard gets tougher because God will be confronting our standards that seem righteous with a greater standard. These standards are the laws that operate in God. Our standards are what constitute our ways and that is what make us inglorious, void of God’s life and earth bound. This is what has also made us lack dominion which is one of the blessings of sonship. Sonship is the original plan of God for man because Adam was crowned with glory; he was a son (Luke 3:38, Heb. 2:7/8) but he fell from glory and that is why God is raising sons. If he hadn’t fallen, there would not have been any need for raising sons from the scratch. The intention of God from the beginning is that every man on earth will become sons of God. Adam was meant to eat that tree of life in the garden, which would have made him become an authentic son of God full of life, glory, honour and strength – and never die again. Man lost life after the fall and became flesh, Gen. 6:3.
When the Bible says, “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us that we should be called the sons of God (1John 3:1)”, you will need to understand the hope of the gospel to appreciate this. You cannot understand that passage until you know “what we shall be like” and then you will “know the manner of the Father’s love” (1John 3:2”. He wants us to conform to the image of His Son and Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life, the Bright and the Morning Star. (John 11:25; John 14:6; Rev. 22:16). This is what the Love of the Father aims at making us. God is love, and that is what He is bestowing on us, and it is the same love He is bringing us into. When I look at it, I get scared because naturally, no man can love at that level. It is this love that makes God desire that man should be called His sons. Eph. 2:4-5.
The light of God that is coming at this time is out of His love. He first demonstrated that love to us when He sent Jesus to die for our sin. This Love quickened us, brought us from the grave and is able bring us to an expected end. Phil. 1:6. The expected end is that, “we might become the sons of God”. John 3:16.
The gift of love is LIFE and that is the most important need of man. THE PROJECT OF GOD IS HOW HE CAN GIVE ETERNAL LIFE TO ALL FLESH. The dominion of sons is handling eternal life which is the tool for reigning in life. We cannot talk of sonship without reference to eternal life which is the ultimate gift of God for man. 1Tim. 6:12.
God gave Jesus Christ the authority to quicken flesh (John 5:21) and that is how God shows love to any man. He makes flesh alive by the teaching of righteousness and He brings his ways that are higher than man’s, because Christ has to teach flesh His way for it to be quickened. The essence of the light that is shining is to make us alive.
We need to continue in well doing by giving heed to the light that is shining – Rom. 2:7. Any standard that God raises by revelation, is what is counted as “well doing”, and that is what will lead to glory, honour, immortality and eternal life. You have to be patient to lay hold on the kingdom.
The promise (eternal life) can only be inherited by the faith of the Son of God. This type of faith is what delivered the promise of the Spirit to us, unlike faith towards God which can only take care of our natural life. THE SUBSTANCE OF FAITH TO INHERIT ETERNAL LIFE IS THE REVELATION OF THE LIFE THAT IS IN CHRIST JESUS. You cannot locate this faith except Christ is revealed, and we follow what is revealed with patience. The reason for patience is because it takes time for eternal life to appear.
Whenever we are in a hurry to manifest eternal life, it is good we also consider how long it takes God to help us out of sinful habits. We are the ones delaying the manifestation of eternal life because we are not taking steps as light comes. If we respond to light immediately it comes, there will be much progress in life coming out from us than we have experienced. We need to ask God not just for light to shine on us, but also for grace to obey the light that is shining this season, because the blessing is in doing his commandment. If light shines and we do it, we will enter into life. Entering into life is entering into God’s rest and His strength. The light that God is bringing will defeat the process of aging, because it will bring about quickening. Our souls have tasted death through trespasses, so quickened and remission of our ways would only be addressed as we take heed to the light that is coming to us. The coming of righteousness is for our soul to be instructed
away from the way of death. For instance, when God brings a demand to us, to be quiet, the soul and the body may find it difficult but as we obey such instructions, we fulfil righteousness which will in turn, bring life and peace to us. The soul will want to react to issues naturally because it has been used to rejecting the way of life but we re-train our soul to reject the way of death and cleave to light.
We lose life anytime we disobey God’s instruction and we have to walk to regain it. The law of the Spirit of life is what will re-retrain our senses to discern how not to sin against life. When this law is not revealed to you, you will not even know when you are sinning against it. The more the light you have, the more knowledge of the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus you receive.
I was invited to a gathering where all kinds of things have been said concerning me. One of the things they said was that I was poor. Because of that, I wore my best attire to that event so that they could know I was not poor. After the event, the Lord told me I should not have worn my best attire but put on what might be likened to sackcloth. For days I was begging God that I was sorry. To God, what I did was a sin against life – a sin against life. As our eyes are being opened, we will see in their true light, substances of darkness which we have formerly justified and wallowed in, without any sense of remorse.
Those who want eternal life do not need recommendation from men – Gal 1:10. That is one of the things you must learn. If not, you will always live for man to commend you. Flesh (natural man) is so particular about what people say about him and, at times, he will want to show to people that things have changed. Jesus Christ spoke to the Pharisees that they could not believe in Him because they sought the honour that comes from man, but He never sought honour from man but from God – John 5:44. Anyone who is seeking honour from God must go the way of honour – Rom. 2:7. As light increases, the road becomes narrower. May God give us the grace to go through it, amen.
The honour that comes from God is eternal life. When you submit to the law of the Spirit of life, you receive more life and then come to honour (2Pet. 1:17). God will not announce you if you have not come into life (honour). The Morning Light that is shining is what God uses to bring men into honour and we must receive grace to submit to it.
We are a company of people who have been called to honour and glory – 2Pet. 1:3. This light is shining from Zion and is beckoning on us to come home and as we obey this light, we journey into our city so do not allow anything to distract you.
The devil will do everything to take your eyes off of the light that is shining. The contention of the moment is DISTRACTIONS, because the light will keep shining. The light that is shining has a purpose, a reason, and a destination.
God is doing something – there are activities in the spirit; He is taking His people on a journey to the end and we must cooperate with Him. One of our prayers in this season is that God should give us grace to be focused. The devil will not fold his hands and watch us go just like that; he will by all means want to distract us but do not ever take your eyes off the kingdom. Do not ever lose focus on where God wants you to come.
What will take us to Gods presence is the light of God that is shining and as we journey by that light, we would end in great joy. Every step you take in the revelation of Jesus takes you to the presence of God and we come into the fullness of Joy – Psalm 16:11, Rom. 6:15. When you yield yourself to sin, you have yielded yourself to death – Rom. 6:23. Sin is everything that contradicts the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus; it is an alternative life to the life that is revealed. By sin here, I don’t mean filthiness of the flesh like fornication, which the bible admonished us by saying, “Let it not be once named among you as becometh saint” – Eph. 5:3. You should have journeyed above that by now.
Overcoming works of the flesh -Gal. 5:16- is an elementary sanctification that is required from a child of God. When you get born again, there should be a loss of appetite for works of the flesh and this is a work of grace – not something that you boast of. If you walk in the Spirit, you will not commit fornicating, because He will guide your daily activities. THE BEST WAY TO DEAL WITH ISSUES OF FORNICATION AND THE REST IS TO FOLLOW THE LEADING OF THE SPIRIT – Gal. 5:16. So sins here are the one committed after the eyes have been enlightened.
Christ is our doctrine and this doctrine is delivered to us when Christ is revealed and we obey from the heart. You do not get free from sin in one day – Rom. 6:18. Our sins are plenty so God through the revelation of Christ, by the Spirit, has to treat them gradually. God treats sins by bringing light. Grace comes with light – Rom. 6:15-17 When you yield to sin, you are yielding to death – James 1:15. Sin not just brings physical death, it makes us to lose life in your soul and empties you of eternal life. Eternal life has laws that regulates and guide its operations. The more you yield to those laws, the more life you get – Rom. 6:19-23
Sons are those who are going to learn and obey righteousness. Learning righteousness is learning the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, because He is the Righteousness of God and also ours. As you obey Him, you are being made right. In being made right, you are acquiring eternal life and you are coming into authority – you are coming into dominion, into honour and you are into reign with Him.
You cannot separate righteousness from the making of sons. Eternal Life Is The Authority And Sceptre Of Sons – Heb 1:8. When you come into life, you come into dominion and that is when the Godhead will say, “you are a son”. God is gradually taking us there.
Do not forget, you must not lose your focus – Heb.12:2. The devil can say so many things, but God is saying something else. Hold fast anything God is saying to you. As you hear God, submit yourself to it. Your vindication is the life that you come into. You cannot come into life except you submit to the laws of life. You have to pay attention to the laws of life. God will constantly bring the laws of eternal life so that He can move you from death to life and when you come fully to life, you are vindicated.
Bless You!

This is a transcribed message from Writing the Vision January Edition. Writing the Vision is a monthly meeting organised by the Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministeries every third Saturday of the month. The message was transcribed by Tayo Fasan. Any error noticed might be due to typographical error.