People rejoice when they finish a programme. They show so much excitement concluding a course. They rejoice that at last they are free from the burden usually experienced in the course of undertaking the programme.

Graduation from school is celebrated even when you didn’t graduate with first class.
Passing out from the National Youth Service is celebrated even when you didn’t achieve all you ever desired to achieve.
Concluding a vocational training is exciting even when you didn’t acquire the required level of skills and competence.

Certificates are displayed openly to show excitement. Photos are taken to mark the day how elated we are or were as the case may be. In excitement, we call friends and families and even the enemies get to know how memorable such a day is or was depending on how lasting the excitement.

Yet in the midst of all that, we fail to realise that every successful end of something usher us into the start of another. Only a few prepare for the aftermath of such experience. Only a few learn the actual lessons expected during the time and adequately prepare for the aftermath.

Then it also dawned on me that only a few prepare for the next level or assignments. In life, we graduate out of something into another thing yet we always are never prepared to tackle appropriately the challenges of the next phase of life. We always forget that where we are now is just to prepare us for where we would be should we successfully graduate. And only a few ever learns this hard lessons in life.

A lady is excited at the prospect of getting married yet she is unprepared for the matrimonial challenges she’s about to face. She rejoices because she will no longer be regarded as a single lady even when her ill preparation can make her a divorced lady.

A graduating student would almost throw himself into any kind of joy as though the certificate affords him an automatic job in the most lucrative organisations.

Well, I suppose we learn from life much more than we learn from organised centers of learning. The bitter hard lessons are learnt from personal failures or successes, failures or successes of others and most importantly, histories. Yet, we are not sensitive to learn these lessons. At least, the bible is not just a story telling miracle promising book, it is an instructive life guiding book designed, written and given to us to limit our misfortunes and mistakes in life. Use it rightly.

And lastly, our living here is suppose to prepare us for a place after death. Many have chosen to live without cautions, others have chosen to neglect and ignore the cautions they see. Many others pass through life without proper plan for the life after death. Yes, I strongly believe there is life after death. Prepare for it now.

God bless you.